Request a reading!!!!!!

  • Ive been emailing a guy since a month and we went out on four dates and then came a bump on the road where a small misunderstanding has made us rethink, We r different nationalities and met online, he's looking for a long term too and is from Belgium.

    Can u do a reading for me and Steven? What is your overall view about him? will we date again? How will this proceed?

  • Dear drgagannagi,

    I feel this is a very good friendship possibility with room for growth and learning about diffrent nationalities and customs, and if you could cope with making them a part of your life. I feel you know what you are looking for and can be tunnel visioned about that area.

    Spirit would like for you to open to new people and ways, however I do not sense that this man will be the one for you , and you should keep looking , I am senseing a man in uniform that is very clear about what he is looking for also. Do u live in the US? I hear a name sounding like Todd coming in here. He is not far away from you and should enter the realm of your life within the next six weeks to months. He has dark hair and a bit of gray which does not mean he is old. He is handsome and tall with a lean body and had olive skin tone.

    Let us know when you have met him as I know he will bring with him some joy and growth


  • Thanks Shuabby, I live in the US, I will be excited if this happens ; )

  • Shuabby, would you be able to answer a question for me?

  • I met this guy in May things were going good. Then sowly things started to go down hill and kinda ended in Mid November. I have not spoken to him in 2 weeks. Is the relationship over? Will he contact me again?

  • Dear jcapie,

    I sense that there was not enough personal get to know you first in this relationship, so now you would have to start as a friendship and work back into a intimate relationship if he is willing to do so, which at this time he is not. Wait a bit than send him a Christmas card and start the friendship. Let me know how it goes.

    Happy Holidays,


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  • Hi Shuaabyy,

    This guy Steven from Belgium,whom you gave me a reading about has told me he wants to move on n has found another girl and going to date here from this friday. he doesnt want any contact now, we texted each other yesterday like 20 times n he doesnt want to think about me because he thinks i lied to him as i wrote to one of his friends tht i wud date him o a website n then these two guys met in a party n realised they were about to date the same girl, so steven backed out, he was very angry, i asked him i want to continue wid him n have no interest in the other guy but he wont listen to me now.

    should i keep asking him to meet? will he eventually meet? or should i just forget it n let him go? how will steven agree n when to meet me or date me again?

    or he's abnormal in reacting like this as we were not in a committed relation n i could date others too? why did he overreact so much? is this just an excuse so that he could leave me?

    also u told me hes not the one. the we can be just friends? or more?

  • Dear Shaubby,

    Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly. I appreciate the information. He unfortunately does not celebrate Christmas, therefore I will not be able to send him a Christmas card. To be quite honest... I am afraid of reaching out to him because I am afraid of rejection. If I do not reach out to him, will he eventually reach out to me? He told me all the time that he did like me and now this... I am so confused and just want him back in my life. I miss him terribly.

  • shuabby can you please do me a reading my birthday is May 29 1993

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Could you do a reading for me, please? My DOB is 3-22-75 and the guy I have been dating is 10-29-78 I feel like we are soulmates but he is so hard to figure out and he doesn't do a good job of communicating his feelings. I have been told that he has been hurt an awful lot in the past and so he sees me as this "too good to be true" woman who is out for something. I have been told that he is fearful of getting into something serious because he is assuming I will take advantage of him. I truly love him and I won't do that to him but I am so tired of waiting....

    Meanwhile, when I was on a break with my Scorpio I dated a Cancer 7-6-77 who really had a great impact on me although it was only 6 months. Initially he was too aggressive for me and I felt smothered but after a while his romanticism really won me over and I gave in. But at that point he said that he was not interested anymore....I can't seem to stop thinking about him. I feel like he ended it abruptly and someone told him some horrible things about me that made him run for the hills. He is now in a new relationship with a taurus 5-6-82 and they seem so in love. He posts comments on his webpage about everything they do. It just seems so unreal and nauseating. We don't even speak anymore but I wonder if this love for his new lady is real? I also wonder if he will come back? Not so sure I want him anymore but I would like to give him a piece of my mind and let him know that how he went about things was totally wrong....Will that happen?


    Yours truly,


  • Jclapie,

    I feel your heartache and I wish I could tell you he will be back, but I don't sense it happening. You need to move on dear and find another move compatible to you. You will if you open yourself to it and get out there this Holiday season and reward yourself with a new love for the best gift of all.

  • Dr.gagannaaqi,

    Any man wants to think that they are special to you from the beginning, so from now on be more honest with your intentions. Tell them that you are very interested in getting to know them better, along with dating others. Until you feel something very special for one man , than you will start a one on one relationship with them only. This way you can avoid situations like what you just went through.

    Be Happy


  • 😞 Ok, thank you Shaubby...

  • ok shuaaby, so u dont see anything left with him now?

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