Cris1062 - Reading request/insight please

  • Hey Cris, I am so glad to see you are back. Haven't talked for a long time. Been wondering how you are. A lot of times wished I had some way to contact you...

    How are you doing.?

    Would really appreciate it of you have some time, could you please see what you pick up on my planned trip for this coming weekend? Would everything go well?

    Furthermore I would love to know if there is any development in my love life...

    Your last reading were so correct... but then all went wrong again.

    Story of my life

    Oh.. .almost forgot, my date of birth 04 May 1962

    Thank you.

    Have a great evening.



  • Cris, if you around... or anybody else please. Especially need to know about my trip... dealings to take place on monday.


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