What do you see?

  • Jenna, I just wanted to give you some advice, I would if i were you, go with the flow and just wait it out, i am sure something will happen if somebody has already said Yes. you have to believe you will get pregnant if you want it badly you can have it.You don't always need someone to tell you if and when and how. you make up you're own path and challenge's your not alone in doing that though, you will get there and eventually you will find out weather or not you are pregnant. it just takes time you cant always rush things and panic about things, however in saying that i am also guilty of these things yes , but sometimes we have to realize we are able to do most things on our own and wait it out. It will come to you when you're ready when the time is right you'll know about it.

    you will also feel it. Don't worry yourself too much, it will happen if you want it, Badly enough.

    And about work i don't know what is going on with your work but again take the time you need to make sure the roads are safe with this weather going on the snow and all i am sure it will be fine you just need to talk to them and sort things. think of your own solutions if you think about the negative things then negative things will happen, however if you think of positive things it will turn itself around, in time though you just have to keep ahead of the game. Stop panicking and chill out and relax, look after yourself. phone work and tell them about the bad weather and your unable to make it at the moment. Don't be afraid to talk to them they need to know if your okay, and weather your going in or not. you wont be fired for missing one day i am sure. sort it out

    it will be alright. Keep warm, and stay happy. dont worry. and think positive thoughts.

    May the angels wrap themselves around you in there loving embrace and keep you from harm

    Love and Blessings Bee Xx

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