What do you see?

  • Hey everyone how goes it? SO I have a couple questions I need insight on I would appreciate it:) I missed work today scared to death I am going to be fired? Do you see what will happen the weather is bad and I am to scared to drive as I work out of town. The other question is I would like to know if I am going to be pregnant soon me and gyspy talk but she has been going through so much that she aint been on and I am keeping her in my prayers. She stated she thinks Ill be pregnant by december and I would not doubt her but I just want to know if anyone else sees it to? She has been right on everything she is so gifted.... I miss her so much!! Thanks, in advance

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  • Ooops picture didn't work. 😃

  • One more time.

    Keep safe, and Be Happy. -_-

    Bee Xx

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  • I am Empathic and i wouldn't like to call myself psychic but i can sense somethings.

    though i don't do reading's i prefer to give advice from my own experiences too, hope things go well for you,and yes i have been to see gypsy too she is good. believe and trust in her she is good.

    and you will be pregnant if you want it bad you can make it happen, just dont rush enjoy the time you have to yourself as well. there will be plenty of time for that.

    Love to you Bee Xx

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  • Thank you. i wish you well also. and i know, i just do not think i am psychic well not really.

    Not like the people here on tarot. i just like to help people and give the best advice i can.

    I hope gypsy gets through her tough times. She is really gifted also.

    Love to you. and good luck may all your wishes and dreams come true.

    Blessings Bee Xx

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