Tell me about male ?

  • 12/27/57 male and 7/19/70 female

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  • honeykat47130,

    12/27/57 male: this could be marked by many challenges in love and feelings in his close relationships. This can manifest as betrayal by those he loves. In any case, he will be tested to see just how attached he is to others being a certain way. It promises success in love if he tries a new approach and adopts a more selfless or unattached attitude. If he can allow others to be who they are and not place so many demands upon them, he not only becomes more aware of their true personalities, but also he allows himself the freedom to be just who we he is and experiences just how it feels to be free of fear and attachment. Many high spiritual experiences could occurr.

    He is inviting you with open arms.

    There used to be an old saying: "Cleanliness is next

    to God." Now there is no God, so there is only

    cleanliness left.

    Cleanliness is God.

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