• ive been thinking alot about what youve been saying.but it seems im at a stand still.i dont think i can just brush my pisces friend off from my music career altogether,im going to take a trip with him pretty soon to san francisco.he makes me laugh alot,we laugh alot.i tried to ask him subtley if he was serious about forming a band he said yeah,after frisco..i dont want to push anything and i dont want to lose his friendship.but i am capable of making a firm decision if its for the best.anyways im kind of on a standstill ive been thinking about trademarking my stage name,which you said you imagined in bright you think i should do that,or am i wasting too much mental energy on this?what do you think i should be doing right now in terms of taking my career forward,what can i do attract band members to what im doing and sticking around?

  • Dear sterilite,

    You are wise to not lose a friendship. You will have to learn to push so that you will achive what you want in life. Do you have an agent? Getting one would really help in answering some of your questions as they could help you learn the business. I hear Henery here and a Harvey also, that will be of help to you Jack and Marvin here to these names just may be the fellows that will attact as band members and you all will move forward and take it day by day until you relize your dream and you will see your name in bright lights.

  • thanks shuabby,i will look into that agent thing for sure,the way i read though agents will typically come to the musicians,but imma see if i can find some kind of music industry consultant or something.

    i just put an ad up to look for a new drummer.if my friend doesnt pull through,im just gonna try to break it to him casually.

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