Request for reading on job interview on Weds please, Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I would be most grateful if anyone is available to share any insight you may be able to provide on a job interview I have scheduled for Wednesday morning. I have applied for several positions this year at a particular place and although I have made it thru the screen out process for a couple positions, I have been unable to get any interviews. This interview opportunity really comes as a surprise, I have been much more qualified for other positions I appied for, but this one, I really didn't expect when I applied that I would get past the screen out element. My best friend's sister works there and he had asked her if she could help me out, so when I got the call I thought she had talked to her boss, but found out she hadn't had a chance to yet. I do know they only refer anywhere from 5-10 applicants to the selecting official and there were 112 that applied for this particular position. I don't know how many were selected to be interviewed out of those referred, I just know that I am so very thankful to have the opportunity to be one of them. I am usually fairly confident going into an interview, but this one is in a field where I really don't have any experience. I do have alot of the skills they are looking for, just not in this particular field, however I am a quick learner and have never had problems learning things out of my comfort zone.

    I have really been praying for quite some time for a "new beginning" of sorts. To be shown the path and which way to go to start moving forward again from this crossroad I have been stuck at for so long. Anyway, this would be a new direction and I think a good one for me and for my child but I may be reading more into it then there really is? Just wondering if maybe someone sees anything about this opportunity or maybe another direction I should be pursuing? I would be most grateful for anyt insight anyone may be able to share.

    Thank you & God Bless!

  • How did the interview go?

  • Hi, You seem to be gracious and humble which are good qualities. I believe in being yourself and explain yourself just as you did on your post. Prayer is good. It's too difficult to read into what people might think as everyone and every job thinks differently. God made us all different. My understanding is that he wants us to believe in ourselves and Him. Be reassured that all will be fine. When I feel really perplexed with a situation, I go to the I-Ching. Sometimes synchronicity is the answer--it has been with me. There are a couple good people on here that can give insight. Hans Wolfgang and The Captain. I wish you the best.

  • Hi Patchlove & Daliolite,

    Thank you so much for your replies. I hope you, as well as everyone else on the forum are doing well.

    Not really sure how the interview went. This was for a civilian job at a military hospital and it was sooo different from interviews I've had in the public sector. I usually leave an interview with some kind of "gut feeling" but I found out the military is very different, they give you absolutely no indication. Lol! But I have gained a little experience of what to expect, so if I don't get this position, I will know what to expect and be more confident if I get the opportunity to interview again for another civilian position. Since I don't have spousal or veteran preference, I've been told it's very hard to get your foot in the door and that most people give up because the hiring process is very lengthy. I do have a lot of the experience they are looking for, just in a different industry, and the skills I don't have, I was honest and didn't pretend that I did but also let them know I have taken positions in the past where I didn't have any experience yet excelled because of my willingness & ability to learn quickly. If it's meant to be, then it will be, and if not, well then that just means there is something better to come. They said it would be a couple of weeks before I heard anything, so in the meantime I will just continue looking with faith & belief that the right job will present itself at the right time. Hopefully sooner then later! Lol!

    Thanks again for your posts!

    Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

    God Bless

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