Let's talk Astrology

  • Dear highpriestess3 (and anyone else interested),

    Shall we start off with…transits?

    Although it can affect our daily routine, the movements of the inner planets have the least impact on our lives, whereas the movements of the outer planets have the most impact. For instance, when I had Pluto transiting my Ascendant and 1st house it applied intense pressure on me to transform the self, the image I projected along with my outlook on life and the person I wanted to be. When it opposed my natal Mars in 2008 I had some health issues and I underwent surgery that year. Pluto promotes growth; the death of the old must occur in order to give birth to the new. Depending on the sign, it would only transit 4-7 signs in a person’s lifetime and would make an impact on their houses and the personal planets being aspected. Natally, my Sun and Mercury both oppose Pluto, my Moon inconjunct Pluto, it is my chart ruler and it sits in my 10th house. You would think I would be comfortable with Pluto energy, but quite frankly it has been working me all my life. I have another hard Pluto transit coming up in 2011 and 2012, but because it is a tender spot for me I won’t really get into it.

    Coming up next year for me also is tNeptune conjunct natal Sun and tNeptune square Ascendant. The orbs I’m using are 2 degrees applying, 1 degree separating. My natal Neptune is in the 12th, trine my Sun and it rules my 5th house. You are also an Aquarian although I believe you are an earlier one than me, so you will have had tNeptune conjunct your natal Sun in the recent past.

    Any thoughts on how this will manifest?

  • Dear Aquabubbles.

    I'm so sorry ..I've only just unearthed your post as my name wasn't in the title....yes I would love to talk about Pluto....when it as on my Ascendant I found the grave of someone close...how's that for a gift from the underworld? Rather macabre I know. My children were born with Neptune on my Ascendant..my grandson with Neptune on my daughter's SUN and he has a iscean Ascendant., so Neptune can mean many things, from childbirth to creativity, to deception.

    In the recent past I was writing stories and teaching a lot...including music...all Picesan/Neptunian traits really...

    r u still out there?

  • Hello ,Highpriestess, How do we know if we are in a transit time ? I have been told that I am in a transit time starting in January and it will last for 118 days , What does this mean??? I was born Feb.5th 1943 at 7: 20 P.M. Is there any thing you can offer me in way of your wisdom & knowledge . Thank you ..........Leonida

  • Dear Leonida

    Where were you born Leonida.?..a transit is a planet passing over one of your natal planets.

    You seem to have both Sun an moon in Aquarius...a tough childhood? Peace and love

  • You seem to know what your talking about. Please read my post number 7 above your" capircorn in transit and lovers card. Please give me insight. I have had a lotof weird things going on.



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