Could anyone help me? xx

  • Is there anyone who could give me a reading/insight into a couple of things, please.

    I have recently moved back in with my sister after finishing a contract abroad, and had no work to go to. I have been applying for many jobs for over a month, daily, and have only had one interview invite.

    I am also with a man who I am, starting to fall in love with, who, although he has not officially confirmed, by means of telling me, that he wants a relationship with me, we are seeing eachother and sleeping together when I do see him. He lives miles away from my sister, and I don't like to crowd his personal space. I also am worried that what we have is transient and it makes me very unhappy thinking that I could lose him so soon. James makes me feel happy & want to be healthy. I also want to know if this job I am interviewing for overseas will be the right direction for me, as it is a new twist on my career direction, but I am very excited about the prospect.

    If anyone does have the time, I would be sooo very grateful. I understand there is more to life then worry about these things, but I need to get it out of my mind & off my chest as I am not being myself of late, and I am developing insomnia.

    My DOB 6th June 89

    Peace, Light & Love to all who may pass through here, whether you post or not, i thank you for reading.




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