Urgent help please...

  • My boyfriend is going to a friend's house tomorrow. His ex girlfriend will be there. This girl does not take no for an answer; despite him cheating on her, with me, and dumping her and his constant rejection, she still tries to get at him.

    While I trust him not to start anything with her, he has a problem where he doesn't really think about what he's doing at the time, and I don't trust her at all.

    I really want to know if he will be unfaithful to me while there. I can't stop crying over the thought and I truely love him.

    My dob - 05/07/1992 (dd/mm/yyyy)

    His- 11/12/1994

  • He has cheated on you all ready. Are you aware of this? This guy can't be trusted. In any case I don't see you leaving him, even when you do find out about him creeping.. I see him leaving you as you when he is ready to move on.. as you are completely powerless to stand your ground..

  • I can't do a reading without hearing the person's voice, but my heart is telling me that you need to take some time to yourself and establish who you are. I know you really love him, but you need to love yourself first, and decide how much you are willing to compromise yourself just to be able to say you are with someone. While you may not trust her (and I don't blame you) the question is, why is he going to the friend's house without you? And why is he going if he knows she will be there? And again, if he knows she'll be there, why not take you with him or avoid the place?

    He needs to grow up if he 'has a problem where he doesn't think about what he's doing at the time". I believe you deserve better.

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