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  • Hey Shaubby, I have a question hunny, I have been speaking with gypsy and she has been really having some problems lately so we aint been about to chat but I was wondering do you see the baby near or am I pregnant now? She says she sees him before December or then what do you see?

    Thank you as I trust in everything Rachel says... I just wanted to know if there is still the chance or If I should just forget the baby thing. Thank you so much!!

    So what do you see coming of all of this? Should I not expect to get pregnant in December?"

    Yep I feel you will be pregnant by then, when I did that first reading I saw the baby was near.

    Of course you will be ok, you are a natural mother. You are like the empress, a mother, nurturer, yes things will be ok I have faith that you will be happy and that things will get back on track for you. They already are getting back on track. 🙂

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