Positive and negative cards HELP

  • How do I tell if a tarot card is positive? Is it positive only if it isn't upside down?? I got one of the Hermiophite with a question pertaining to love. It wasn't upside down. I am still learning so could someone help me? Thanks:)

  • What is a hermiophite?

  • Cards can be upright and take a negative feel.. it all depends on the surrounding cards. Although reversals indicate the negative aspect of a card, I feel that each card has a positive and negative feel when upright and it needs to be read in conjunction with surrounding cards and intuition.

  • Thank you so much for the reply. i think it is actually the Hermit, in the Rider form??? I am still learning.... but thank you so much. It was nice of you to respond. ~

  • The Hermit! I like this card very much. Well depending on your circumstance, the Hermit can mean that either you or your loved one is taking time out to figure themselves out . It usually comes up when someone wan't to reach a deeper level in said situation. It means silence.. Good advice, .As a caution, it can be warning against taking foolish or rushed actions. It's telling you to take as much time as you need to figure things out. If The Hermit is describing a person, they might be born under the Star Sign Virgo, they can be wise, ( Maybe a teacher of some sort but not conventional) This card also describes, meditation, philosophy, and religion. Reversed, it talks about the fear of being alone, shallowness, superficiality, the need for constant attention and the social.. Wasting energies. It is telling you to examine your life and see what really is important.

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  • Hi!! it is a Hierophant... it has a roman numeral V on it. Is this a positive card?

  • Thanks again, but the card was a Hierophant. I guess I spelled it wrong. So is this a positive card in the upright position? I really hope so, I need some good news.

  • What is your situation with this person and in what position did The Hierophant fall in?

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  • this was part of a spell I was trying. I was supposed to think of my lost love and shuffle the tarot deck with good and positive thoughts, then I was supposed to choose one card and put it on top of the deck.. If it is a postive card it should be a positive outcome on my wish, if negative I was supposed to try again.

    It was in the upright position... so I am not sure if it is positive or not~ I know 2 of cups is supposed to be positive, but unsure of this card....hmmmmm ideas?

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  • Thank you Watergirl!

    I appreciate your insight. I am going to look at this as a positive. You have really been helpful.

    I am really glad I found this sight. Have a happy day:)

    Blessings to you as well., Princesswitch

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