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  • hello I am female 8th july 1958/ can I also please have any insights especially to do with love life please did meet scott 18/8 1973 about 6 weeks ago we really clicked even though he is much younger but he disappeared before we even really got to know each other at this stage will i hear again ?anyway then I did break up early this year from ray13/3/1952wnt out for nearly 4 years he had already found a new female partner and I still feel like there was/and were lies and yes I do still have feelings for him but could never trust him again really its a year now im ready to move on , i still work for him a couple of hours a week ,i have had a tough year with my mother passing too,and not much money feel alillte lonely too. yes really am hoping there is a new begining any time soon i have been paitent long enough ,on a positive we moved recently to a lovely place thanks for reading eve8 x

  • hi eve,

    You know, I really think you need to think about quitting your job and removing yourself entirely from this man's energy. He's a player, and I get the feeling he's enjoying seeing you suffer to a degree. You don't deserve this, and the way he replaced you so quickly tells me he is someone not able to commit to anyone properly and really, he doesn't want to I don't think. I also feel he might've had someone on the side while you were seeing him. If you are able, please think about moving on from working for him because I don't think being anywhere near his energy is doing you much good. I get an exhausted, dragged down feeling from you and I believe he's the cause.

    As for the younger man, I think he got cold feet and ran before he got in too deep. I can't see if he'll return to your sphere; sadly I get the feeling it's like a case of him getting what he wanted, then running before things got too complicated.

    The lessons here for you are that you have been too open and willing and you've been taken advantage of. With your mother passing, you have been raw from that and as a result, vulnerable. I feel that your relationships have done little more than wear you out and disappoint you. Were you married previous to Ray? Or at least in a long term partnership, ie, 10+? I just get the sense that you almost went from one thing to another and haven't really had any time or space in between to recharge your emotional batteries.

    It's now time for you to focus on yourself. This new move will be a healing thing for you; I get the sense of a lot of trees around you and a peaceful setting. You will see this place as the sanctuary it is; you were drawn there for that purpose.

    Please give yourself some time and space to heal properly. Your mother is still around you and she has been largely instrumental in getting you to the place you're at now. I believe she sends you messages too. Have you noticed white butterflies or white feathers in your path sometimes? That's her letting you know she's still there. I also get that you can still "smell" her; like she had a particular aroma about her that stays with you now. She comes to you in dreams as well to try and comfort you in this difficult time.

    Yes, you have been patient long enough. As well as being patient though, you needed to ask for a lot more from the men in your life. I believe 2011 will see you doing that. You will find the inner strength you need to get you through and find the happiness you deserve.

    I see a man coming into your life once you have healed and he will be with you for the rest of it. He's tall and around your age; if not a wee bit younger. He's been through the wringer too and will appreciate all you've traversed in what comes across to me as a very tough, disappointing life. this is all at an end now. Your inner wisdom will shine through and guide you from hereonin.

    Please don't hang on to hope of seeing this Scott man again. The more you cling on to something, the less likely it is you'll see it happen. He very well could re-appear, but I feel you won't be interested by then.

    So the main message I have for you is: ask for more; believe you deserve it, visualise it and so it will be. And please, try to find another job because I feel that's hindering you quite a lot from the real happiness awaiting you.

    I won't put a timeline on when this man comes into your life either because I've found timelines with readings to be unreliable this year - both ones I've given and received - so I'm backing off from that now. I do get the number 6, but that could be an echo of how long ago you met Scott, so hence my hesitation in stating it as "fact"!

    I don't know if this helps you, and I understand some of it isn't what you might've wanted to hear. You aren't to blame for any of it, so don't take what has happened to you personally. It is said that the toughest times teach you the most valuable lessons, and once you have moved on from the pain you've suffered, you'll see that and benefit from it. Hugely.

    You are in for the life you deserve, but you must believe it is coming, that the past is the past and won't influence your future anymore if you don't let it.

    The time is now.

    Good luck,

    Blessings to you




  • hi chris, you on the right track that is for sure ,was with ray 3.5 years only but I did have a husband that we were together about 9years about about 12 years ago and yes i think there was a cross over with the other girlfriend and Ray on looking back now that i wasnt told about ,I cant stop working there for now a need the cash for now Do you think I can still work there if i have a different attitude to this now ?,but he still likes to think we are friends where really are not anymore when only I ring maybe once a week and only see him at his work place my 17 year old works there on sat.morns too ,I didnt go from one to the other but emotionally being the cancer I have tended to hang on to exs as friends only,as for scott he never got anything from me except chats but cold feet he got ,I have tryed to let it go even cut the ties with archangel micheal,and with ray too,I feel I have spent all year trying to heal myself on many levels, and Im so glad mum is with me thanks Chris ,I will have alot to look forward to ,love eve

  • thanks again Chris, but is there any way do you think i can stay working there for now only there once a week 4 hours and keeping his energy away from mine and How ?My son is going to work ther alot more over thr christmas holidays not me though he may even lend im a car ray is a generous to all and is also kind to daniel [my son] but has also let him down at times this year too , thought I would share with you ,ray has ben married 4 times 2 of those to the same person and is now very scared of commitment he sleeps at new girl place but wont move in and its a bit freaky too ,her husband died last year ray was his friend sort of and her 1st husband left her for a female that used to be rays girlfriend years ago and sadly this female commited suicide this year,when that man left her [which was rays current girlfriends 1 st husband] too karmic isnt it !

  • What a tangled web Ray has lived! And you've been tied up in it too. The way to keep his energy from affecting you is to ask Archangel Michael to protect you with white light before you go to work, or really, before you go anywhere. You can do ths under the shower by imagining the water being the white light surrounding you with protective energy. Sensitive souls need to do this because we tend to suck everything around us in and suffer for it. I forget repeatedly to do this myself and suffer for it, I can tell you! I too am a Cancerian and have remained friends with my ex husband, although I am a bit the victim of emotional manipulation and it's starting to wear very thin.

    Sometimes when we don't or can't sever the "cord" which joins us to someone, we can suffer because we can't move on from that relationship. But we can protect ourselves from being affected by people we wish to move on from in the ways I suggested above, or at the very least, by not being affected by what they say or do. At the end of the day, what people do is what they choose to do. How we react to those things and people is also our choice. So we can choose not to be affected by those who bring us down. Easy said, not so easy done, but with practise, it can be done.

    I don't know about karmic with Ray, but then it very well could be. It sounds more like he keeps things in the "family" if you know what I mean! Like he doesn't move outside his square very much. This is somethign you'll find yourself doing a lot of from the new year, and you will grow as a result. And this is one time I hope what I've just said to you applies to me too!

    Time'll tell,

    Thanks for the feedback,




  • yes I must remember every day in the shower great idea thanks as you are right im a senstive soul,and you are too,if i look at your profle pic theres the crab funny how i didnt connect that till now mine is an angel if you look hard

    ,as for the last paragraph I guess Im just not sure what you mean by ; he doesnt move out of the square andthen you say this is something i will do alot in the new year and growing as a result,sorry can you explain a different way that little bit please for me to understand what is install for me in new year and you would like too but I dont get it im sure once you explain i will feel silly ps. i live in Australia

    lovely connecting with you Chris evexx

  • Hi eve,

    I live in Australia too, so it's nice to meet one of my fellow countrymen on here!

    What I meant by "he doesn't move out of his square" is he is not someone to venture out of the familiar too often. Have you heard the saying "look outside the square"? This is what I mean. He lives within his own narrow view, and socialises with those he's familiar with and his view of the world would be dictated by this. In other words, he is not adventurous, doesn't like to try or learn new things very often and is happy this way.

    Nice connecting with you too! Hope this clarifies things a bit for you 🙂




  • Hello Chris,

    Yes now I get it thankyou , fellow cancerian aussie ,I live in far north Coast New South and you are right I live right next to bush and then the sea ,yes Im blessed with this move except as there usally is I have a studio that I have sublet only 2 weeks ago nice guy but my electricity could be high as his aircon . going alot I have mentioned but he sayes that the 20 will cover it a week ,heres hoping he starts to go out more and not use it as much ,

    love eve

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