Confused Gemini seeking wise advice

  • I AM very new to chatting six [ 6 ] days

    but today figured out how to get the pisces logo {fish} but can't figure how to get the Loyless off.. and a cuter word there ? Is it hard ?

  • It seems that the pen name in the forum can not be changed....

  • The Rising sign LEO Is outward as it does influence your outward life Some believe it is as important as the Sun sign .. your sun sign being Gemini for you. Bet leo was a fun and interesting study for you.

    But concentrate on using the strengths .. doing away with using the power in a negative way.

    I have 3 leo,s very close. so read it good ! Leo traits are very outward and powerfull

    .. Astrology is to point out what these influences are .. so you can know Why you act as you do . and throw the bad/negative out , but always use the positive traits turned into Energy for GOOD

    The MOON sign is a more hidden , inside influence for you.. and it is Aries.

    It will add to your Gemini traits. Those are Not seen by others as much as sun and rising signs are. Knowing about the influences being in your INWARD , more hidden thoughts .. is what will help you to Identify when you think and act a certain way.. like "OH, heres that Aries trying to influence me again. Then choose to use the energy for GOOD.

    And NOW you know you have strong "leader" abilities. From ARIES traits.

    You can get a promotion as a more supervisor position maybe.

    Know "it" and ask for guidance as to what you might need to do. Then wait for " God" to bring some thing your way. Then recognize it when it comes.

    But careful.. if you sense you are attracted to a MALE that would be involved in a job... wait for the next opportunity It will be a better job if you overcome a temptation because you will have 'passed the test as DreamerNorth said in a post > Or someone else posted it. ??

    . You mayThink ? that you are shy, i do not know. BUT NOW you know you have strengths to be more than you think you can be. Or you can read more and think on it till you do know you have great strengths.

    Or you can day dream about planning a nite meal and Put on a sexy nightie and use it on Taurus. :0) That is a good thing. :0)

    Or since he is working a lot.. just find a place in the company to use your talent and energy , as you already have somewhat. . astrology identifies that you may have to work a little hard to PRESIST in the attention to that project .. for mind to not wander to negative things or ideas.

    Or you might find a charity that will need a helper and keep you excited after work.. BUTT think of ways 'all the time' to be a super achiever.. as a aries can be.

    You have seen now how the energy of aries CAN be used for "wrong".. but that you can use it for GOOD, since you are Aware of what things will draw on you and your thinking. .And that your mind can wander on negative things. But you can control that.

    { see how you can read about Taurus and figure out how to draw out of him his loving positive traits.. maybe a glass of wine would loosen him up..hee hee } OR not ! THAT is u r choice.

    He just has 'differing ' traits ..but his horoscope shows he is just like you said he is. Down to EARTH , what is his rising ? You can learn to appreciate him.. but draw out the PASSION in him. It is there..

    I know i repeat ! but GEMINI {and anyone else } is putting NEW thoughts into her mind. It is supposed to take a number of DAYS to SETTLE a new thought to be understood firmly in the Brain.

  • "Hi, Libra, I am not English but am living in England. 🙂 "


    I used to live between Southampton and DC.

    I loved Southampton. I didn't like London. My first trip to Ole Blighty was to arrive at Heathrow and see a "humped Zebra Crossing" I told the driver "Hey man I am expecting to see a shagged out Zebra crossing my path!!!" Then I was driven through the most wonderful green countryside to the lovely city of Southampton. The my fiance at the time and I flew to Milan and I came back to London and we spent three days there (each night on the train back home to So'ton.) Compared to the lovely quays and the common and the gorgeous greenery London was dreary and ick. Although I love Kew! And Stonehenge. And whilst your in England darling [sic] you really need to see Corfe Castle.

    Just look at the maps it can all be done in a days driving. Stonehenge to Corfe...and dont get confused with Corfe Mullen vs. Corfe Castle.

  • My god I really love the time I spent in england. And now that I know your living in England.

    F that brit. What a P!$$-artist. Drop him like a stone he would DEFINITELY have done that once he caught you. You're a bird ready for the pull. Don't you dare give him the upper hand.

  • Dear Confused Gemini,

    First thing I wish to tell you is that anyone: male/female makes you confused their a player , a

    major manipulator. How fast did he want to get physical with you? Why does he want a

    woman that legally belongs to another man? He obviously enjoys hurting others to get

    his way with others. Your crying due to confusion says it all. If you love your husband, then

    put your armour on and get tough. After all Taurus men as husbands are indulgent, sensous,

    loving and kind. Don't give him up unless you either seek therapy or join a battered womans

    group. The information you glean will help put you back on the right track. Good luck,

    I 've been in this situation like you and blessings for a better future. WarriorWoman1661

  • My dear people, 🙂

    Yes, with all your kind and strong support, I am doing it firm and straight. I'm so glad that I didn't really do things too wrong and I got your support before it's too late.

    Updates: He still texts. I replied: I will NEVER be his. Full stop.

    Libra, England is really lovely. Like you did, I loved the English countryside, the Leeds castle, the lake district, the coswolds, Cambridge, Stonehenge and so on. In my earlier years as a student here, I went on trips with husband and friends and still like to explore places to go. So, my next place to visit is now Southampton and Corfe Castle. 🙂 I'll tell you when I actually go there. :-))

    Have a lovely day, everyone....

  • Hi:

    Being a Geminii myself June 12th, depending on your other planets Venus and his Mars, seems like the Taurus does not give up, he is a bull to say, and my be persistant to get his way.

    Geminii on the other hand likes flirtation and talking we get lonely when alone . I would suggest keep it low with him it will only cause other problems with hubby.

    Find other friends to talk to and keep in touch with.

    Take care and good luck

  • well, being an aries man ex-partner is gemini. we have a 9 year old son together, i have been fauthul to her for as long as we've been together,.. so let's not get caught up in astrological stereotypes'. im' still trying to figure her out. i caught her in bed with another man, 2 month's ago when we were still together, yet she accused me of "tresspassing"..?? she want's "validation" from other men. aires can be very the point of having rose colered glasses.

  • theonion...I'm a gemini woman who loves innocent flirtation and flattery (especially from my partner) BUT I have always remained 100% loyal to whoever I'm 1st husband committed adultery despite being married 15 years....However I agree with your "rose coloured glasses" statement re teenage daughter is an Aries ...

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