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  • I am a Taurus woman and my boyfriend is a Gemini. I know that's a very opposite match, but we have known each other sporadically for nearly 25 years and just recently, we caught up with one another after 15 years of being separated, which makes us both Long Lost Loves.

    Anyhow, my twin man is intelligent, funny, creative, brilliant, talented and out going, those are his good points. His bad points are he's narcissistic, self-centered, fickle and very spontaneous. He does everything at the spur of the moment and it seems as if he gets together with me on his terms and it makes me feel rejected.

    My grandmother was a Gemini and my grandfather was a Taurus and they stayed married until death. I know of a woman who's a Virgo and she was married to a compatible sign which happened to be Capricorn and the two of them are separated. On the other hand, sun signs aren't the only aspect I should depend on because there's other factors that are involved such as moon signs, houses, planets, etc and my moon sign is Libra, so that could also be helping me keep up with him too.

    I came here to ask for help on how to handle my relationship with my Gem lover because although we are clearly astrologically different, we do want this to work, even though he doesn't pay attention to horoscopes. There's the old saying, "If you love somebody, set him free, if he comes back to you, he's yours forever, if he doesn't, then he never was." I strongly believe that if we were separated for such a long time and then ironically, by coincidence, ran into each other again, then there's a strong possibility that we both were meant to be. There are reasons for everything that happens and I'm sure that we could get used to each other's lifestyles, I just need some advice on how to deal with his chameleon like nature.

  • There are many reasons why two people reconnect again - and love is only one of them. You certainly both have much to teach and learn from each other but it may not be through an intimate relationship. And not all Taureans and Geminis are the same so you cannot say that because one pair worked, they all will.

    I can tell you more if I have the exact birthdates.

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