Please read.. Are we compatible? (Me=Capricorn Sun, Him=Virgo Sun)

  • My chart

    Sun: Capricorn

    Rising: Cancer

    Moon: Aries

    Venus: Sagittarius

    Mars: Capricorn

    His chart

    Sun: Virgo

    Rising: Cancer

    Moon: Cancer

    Venus: Libra

    Mars: Libra

    We've been talking to each other for almost 3 years now. He's a very soft spoken man and can sometimes be very pleasant to be around. There are times when we just seem distant and why i can't begin to comprehend. One minute he's talking about having babies and getting married. The next moment he ignores me as if i'm not even there. Being i'm a Capricorn with a Virgo mother and grandmother - i'd like to think that i understand them...(then again different aspects within the chart of each individual can make a difference) ---- Anyways, We seem to be alike in ways.. Only i feel like he sometimes plays emotional mind games with me (we're 13 years apart in age - he's older than me).. Whenever we're out in town - it's like he'll put on a show and act extra "into me" when guys are around...If we're watching TV and pass by the "TLC" channel and he sees a baby he'll turn around and smile at me or say something in reference to me having children...

    what i want to know is - Are our signs compatible - not just in the He's a virgo and i'm a capricorn sense - but give me some more insight on the fact that he's a double cancer and double libra - how does that influence a Virgo sun? - wouldn't Venus and Mars go against each other in a sense (love vs. hate) - but libra is in his venus and mars?

  • Can you give the exact birthdates, please?

  • January 11 = me

    August 28 = Him

  • This is a heavy relationship - its weight is palpable. You two are not needy individuals but your relationship can be demanding and hard to overlook. Sometimes its real impact or effect is only really appreciated after it is over or you two are parted. As lovers or spouses, you two will expect each other to toe the line and put in a fair share of the work. Your relationship takes little for granted when it comes to fulfilling responsibilites; indeed, it can be extremely unforgiving in this regard. Sexual expression here is usually direct and perhaps somewhat unsubtle. Should the flame cool down, sensuality can be sublimated into other areas, particularly to do with food or athletic/fitness training. Marriage is favoured and your children usually grow up seeing their parents as reliable and active. Affectionate physical contact and attentiveness to each other's material needs figure prominently here. There is a tendency however to be overly materialistic or ambitious which can slow personal development. You Cappy Girl will usually take the lead if you two get stuck or bogged down, often encouraging the relationship to move in more philosophical, religious or spiritual directions. You two are usually very sensible about your finances and confortable with handling or saving money. If the pair of you can remember to have fun and not be so serious or work so hard all the time, this can be a very productive and comfortable partnership in many ways.

  • Looking at your birth charts and your actual birthday dates, i think that your virgo man might be on the cusp of being a leo, which might explain why he puts on a show when other guys come around you also because he doesnt want to loose you to another guy. He might also be wrapped up in himself (due to leo's self-centeredness) so much at times that he fails to notice you, causing him to ignore you. Pertaining to his interest in having children, i think it might be his moon sign of cancer comming out. The emotional, nurturing cancer inside of him may truly want to have children and a family but having his sun sign in virgo maybe preventing him from making a solid decision. He may be worrying about if he would make a good father and husband, or he maybe trying to figure out if the whole thing will work out. virgos are worriers and perfectionists. He probably wants to figure out if this is the PERFECT desision or choice for him before he actually makes the desision. As for the double Libra part, i can't help you with that. i dont know much about libras. hope i helped you even just a little bit. lol

  • lol thanks 😃 yes you did - a lot of what you said made sense. but i wonder how does that play with my Earth/Fire signs =/ i wish i had double signs like him - it's so easy for me to remember...i think the Libra thing plays out with how he can be romantic at times...

  • @alexis - with that part about him being sooo into himself that he forgets i'm there - on point.. he has 12 mirrors in his place and he's very caught up on himself almost to the point of having a narcissistic personality and sometimes he can seem a little on the shallow/insecure side - but he's still adorable when he preaches about how we'd make cute babies! lol 😃

  • lol I'm glad i could help. Oh, but one thing i also think you should take into consideration is his and your Chinese signs. It would help to see another side of you and your virgo man's personalities esp. if the two of you are 13 years apart. I'm sure it would be worth your while to look into the compatibility and personality traits of you and your virgo man's chinese zodiac signs.

  • Oh hmmm! I think he's a metal horse and i'm a sheep....I think - i remember reading about that a whileeeeee ago =o)

  • I am a Cap and my mom was a Virgo and athough she was the kindest, sweetest most loving mother I could ever want she nagged constantly and I can't stand that,. I work with a Virgo man and he is always correcting me and telling me how to do things differently. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate his help but he constantly criticizes and I can't stand that either. I look at Young and the Restless which is a soap opera and they have a male character who to me is the most gorgeous man on the planet.,.,.in real life he is a Virgo. I love his character to death (which by the way is a Capricorn) but to be with him in real life I don't think so. BTW, he's married with two sons so that's dead anyway. Just giving you some examples of my experiences with Virgos. That doesn't mean you will deal with that too, OK?

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