There Is Nothing That You Need: Living From The Source Outward


    Yael and Doug Powell

    Beloved ones, deep within you there is a place where you find My Love. When you do, it opens your heart to this communion that fulfills all things and creates within you truly the living fount of life.

    When you come and bathe in Me, when you allow this Love to lift you up, when you turn to Me for all provision and you allow this truth that you are perfect, whole, alive and endlessly safe -- then your life begins to be lived from a new place of deep fulfillment, of overflowing gratitude for being the recipient of every glorious good and perfect thing, alive in all the cosmos, and you are bathed in Me, ever fed and filled with joy.

    You are awake not only to freedom but to this endlessly perfect life that flows forth as your being. You step forth as the movement of Light that you feel as the ocean that is waves of Love.

    This fulfillment, this peace, this exuberance to be alive is what lives in the center of your being and everything is right within you. Everything is rich and full. You are filled forever from the inside, and it moves out as Love moves you and as you move as the feeling of Love.

    When you live from this place, you are free of the illusion that there is anything that you need in the world of form. You are free to be the extension of Love, free to be the heart of God doing what you are meant to do. There is no place in your entire being for lack. Everywhere you look, I Am. Everything that you feel is joy, gratitude, the fullness of Real life overflowing from your heart.

    The truth of your identity is radiant as the cosmic sun as you live in the center of the truth of All, the heart of Christ, perfect Love made manifest in consciousness and in joyous feeling. When you live like this, alive in My presence as the fish in the ocean, inseparable, breathing Me in and overflowing through your heart with everything that is the truth of all that is divine as it lives as you, here you can stand in the world, free of the duality, the belief in two things.

    You are free of the constant enticement of the ego mind to move you, beloved ones, off of your center, to make you reach into the world for what you need. In that moment you become duality. In that moment of reaching outside of you for whatever it is, for your abundance, for your power, for your Love… In that moment, the belief in the separation from Me and from the truth of who you are is more valid to you than the fact of your inheritance as the heart of God, as the Moment of Creation, held in consciousness and made manifest as the movement of Love.

    Come back. Come back into your center. Come back into this experience of the truth. Let the resonance of our communion be the center of your awareness and remain in this center as Love moves through you to make itself known in the world in the symbols that reflect your truth that you are abundantly receiving the living whole of God I Am as your identity, your sustenance, your very life.

    The peace of the experience of being the heart of All That Is makes of you indescribable radiance and magnificent pulsations of Love and joy. When this pours forth through your heart to be made manifest in the symbols of the world as Love, as abundance that is endless, as peace that is providing for you a place from which you live that is untouched by the phenomena perceived by the eyes of duality…the perception of the little mind or ego…

    Come back Home, beloved ones. Come Home to the center of your being. Come Home to this experience of God, of the living, breathing truth of "Both/And," that both this endless and indivisible life is here as you AND I Am ever here to love you. I am here to bring you this awareness of receiving life and breath, receiving your identity directly, receiving your inheritance as the center of the living whole, as the heart of God that beats within My being.

    From this place you are so full, so joyously provided for, so limitless in your depth and breadth and vision of Reality that nothing in the world can disturb you. Nothing can mar this peace. Nothing that passes before your eyes can take from you your assurance that only Love is Real and Love is what you live by as well as what you are.

    As you receive your Real food which is the Spirit and you allow the movement of Love to live you, then your relationships, beloved ones, are born from this abundance and you are ever giving to those who come before you. You are not a little person, lonely and having needs, seeking to receive something from outside.

    Oh, no, you are the fount of life, the heart of God I Am overflowing with abundant Love that everyone around you can be the true reflection of the heart of God, the truth of who they are as well because they see it in your eyes and feel it in the Love that encompasses them in your presence, inundating their consciousness with the truth.

    Such a flow of Love is truly a tsunami, and automatically turns each precious heart to giving because it seeks the outlet for the movement of All I Am giving itself, literally, as each of you…the individuated consciousness of the wonder of the whole of Love, the facet of the diamond mine of All That Is.

    You are a radiant and open conduit that is the heart of All That Is expressed as you and ever loved perfectly within Me. The fount of endless Love is alive as you, ever rushing forth to multiply the Love that is present in every heart and being.

    When you live from this abundant life within you, when you bring yourselves to Me each day in order to experience the truth, when you open up this precious heart and allow it to receive the truth and let this tsunami of Love truly live through you, then every step you take, you take from the center of All That Is. You move forth as the heart of Creation alive and giving, and your energy is the explosion of the conscious life that is Creation, for this is what you are -- life "en-conscious-ment" -- and you give awareness to My Love being given.

    This world is where you've chosen to stand. But stand here, beloved ones, in the truth, in the center of this radiance, this Light and feel the ecstasy of Love moving through you, living as you, moving outward. In Me all that you need is given. The very richness of this life I Am is yours and is you. So how could you be wanting anything from outside of you, to fill you up when you are full to overflowing with the very energies of Creation at it explodes forth in you?

    Thus, dear ones, if you let Me in, if you turn and feel your Source of life, as you begin to live from the truth you are -- outward -- then that which seemed to be empty that the ego mind wanted to fill is revealed to be only that miasma, the creation of a shadow world that has temporarily held your attention.

    From this place of Love what you will find is undeniable. The moment you reach outside of yourself and try to create from the outside that which you believe you want or need or is yours… In that moment, no matter how perfectly the little mind encompasses it with spiritual terminology, whatever it is -- in the feeling of your open heart the instant that you look outside, outside of yourself for something you believe that you need, in that moment you will feel the abdication from the place of peace.

    In that moment you believe yourself to be human, and regardless of couching it in the attraction, the law of resonance, if you are looking into the world, you have it backwards.

    But when you feel your open heart filled and filled to overflowing, when this Love we share is all you need ever, when the song of Love sings through your heart to bless the world in every Now, and when you are aware that you are Love and therefore you don't need it, from this place you will find the world of peace. You will find the appearance of Heaven. You will find that you are fluid grace and all the world comes forth to serve you, to dance as the living energies of Creation that ever rejoice to do the Will of God.

    In other words, from here you shall move mountains but not because you need or want to. Not because the little mind says I am this and I am that. Oh, no… because the Love I Am lives through you and in the flow of Love the mountain knows itself and knows it is the essence of Love's movement. And that in order for every electron to give of its deepest truth, that mountain shall be moved to serve humanity in the awakening to the truth that all is energy. Or whatever the Will of Love is, to express the truth of the presence of the Love I Am, alive in every heart, awake in every consciousness and ever, ever moving and fluid.

    So those of you, beloved ones, who feel that you need healing, who believe the ego's version of your reality, who seek to find a way to change that which lives in the world of phenomena, who come to Me with prayers for assistance… Come into your heart of Love. Pray in this cathedral. Experience this exploding Love that knows itself as All I Am, dancing forth in this shimmering ray of perfection. That is you standing in the presence of the Moment of Creation, being the "en-conscious-ment" of Love and life explosion.

    From this place where you are full, where it is impossible, dear ones, to need anything. This is the spiritual truth of your being, and only as you live from this can Real Love be made manifest through your open heart to gather those electrons of essential life that move and dance as the world you see. They will gather in celebration before the resonance of your expanding Love and in every living moment they will be creating that which Love wills through you.

    Can you feel the difference right here in this Now moment between being this full of Love, of life provision, that you live from this "en-conscious-ment" -- that you are made for giving and from the giving, all life will provide for you?

    You receive the essence of living Love that is the substance of all things and you drink this Light eternally and it gives you atomic energy and all you need to be this explosion of Creation going forth as you.

    When you are so full of God, when you recognize the miracle that I Am here as you and we love each other, then from this place your only need is giving. As you give, so too shall you receive in the symbols of the world in which you choose to live and serve. Perfect life, perfect joy, the endless abundance of God I Am are held for you in the ever-conscious atoms and electrons that paint themselves on the canvas of Creation and wait for your heart to name them "good."

    There is only Love. Only Light. Only life and energy that is ever exploding forth through every glorious life stream. There is no "taking" in the realm of God. There is giving as the essence of your being and receiving as the breathing in.

    Your every breath as spiritual life is the movement of Creation, receiving life from Me and let Me emphasize that statement -- and allowing what you receive to live and give itself as you and through you by the Will of Love's great movement, to bless All That Is.

    Nothing that is Real ever comes from outside of you, and the illusion that it can is the biggest coup of the ego mind. It is the essence of duality which is this very imagining, that there can be something other than God, than good, than Real provision direct from the Source, from the Moment of Creation in which you live and have your being and which lives and moves, beloved ones, as you.

    So that tree in the Garden of Eden was only the trick of the wily snake and yet, of course, it managed to deceive you, to use these symbols of this story as a metaphor for the choice to believe that something lives outside of you that you need, and that something can be other than "good."

    Even your ideas of Love as coming from another person, beloved ones, you already know the truth of this -- that every person who is in your life is a reflection of the state of your own heart. All the world is a stage in which the symbols show you what is on the window of your heart when the pure Love you are shines through. The Love I Am is what you are. How can you "need" to receive it? It is the essence of your being, the truth of your heart. It is only as you have moved away from this perfect heart communion that there has been need for you to be reassured of your essence, of your nature.

    You are this vast and limitless Love. You are the Moment of Creation "en-conscious-ed" and thus you are both the Love and the power of life exploding. In the words of the world, you are both masculine and feminine. You are the heart of God I Am, beating and becoming ever more real to Me through the gift of Creation itself which is our relationship.

    It is the reason for this experience of Reality (not the reality of the world) that as we love each other, I become not only fulfilled but aware of All That I Am, aware of My heart because I can see you. Thus, you are one heart, two streams of energy, the consciousness that holds Creation itself, the Moment of Creation pulsing forth as you.

    All That Is must be held in consciousness, and through Creation as it is the explosion of My awareness. Every stream of life is both the whole of God and the individuated stream of consciousness and Love.

    And so you find you are complete, whole, alive, completely fulfilled, endlessly and vibrantly awake to every nuance of All That Is. In your choice to serve this Love, to bring back the world of phenomena, by your truth, to be the Real as resonance, you have come to be the heart of Love made manifest for the world of duality. I Am calling you, beloved ones, back to this by asking you to come back in, to bring your focus to this truth, to come back into the center of your being and our relationship, to find that Real experience of how this Love fills you and how this sweet communion is the miracle from which you spring.

    You become truly the heart of God entraining the whole of the illusion back to the truth of grace. There is nothing that you must do but everything that you must be in order to come back to right relationship with life. This Love, then, can fill you and free you from your boundaries of the perceptual dream of something other than this pure communion. Living from here, nothing disturbs your peace.

    You as the open heart are the source of Love, not one needing more. You are alive to your perfection as a present moment experience and this alone will free you from the ego that tells you that you are not enough and therefore, you must acquire things. Whatever they are…things, feelings, Love.

    But when you feel the truth through your heart's communion with Me, then every trick of the ego simply has to fall away and you are free to be just as the sun you see rising each day, the source of life and Light. You are the source of Love, the resonance of the truth of God, not influenced by what is outside of you, but rather, being that which influences and brings the truth that there is only Love and all the rest truly is imagining -- imagining that you are not provided for, imagining that you are not enough somehow. How could that ever be possible?

    So let the stories fall away and come back to your heart, dear ones. Come back to this experience, to this communion. Come back and recognize that you are the source and the open heart that allows the tsunami of Love to rush forth to bless the world and to bring forth the truth that Love is everything and is ever sourced from this communion. From the Moment of Creation that lives within you, your heart bestirs the electrons of life into the out-picturing in symbols of that which is the truth within.

    Thus begins the restoration of every electron of life to the truth of only Love and the communion of every heart with its Source of life I Am The fullness of that life overflows into the world to show up in the symbols of the world that represent it. This will happen quickly.

    Is instantly fast enough? The moment you really return to the fullness of God within, to the power, the essence, the movement of Love and to this pure communion that ever gives you the vision and expands you continually beyond each moment's perceptual limitations into the greater and greater field of our endless awareness that I Am Love and you are My center.

    One life and the miracle of this relationship continually expanding your heart and the consciousness we are together, asking the question: how much more can be given? How much more can Love expand from with me?

    Come, beloved ones, to the center of your heart which is the center of the center of the center of living wholeness. Open and allow this fullness and come to live from the heart outward and you will find yourself at last fully in alignment with life and thus, alive to this exquisite resonance as Love pushes beyond you and the River of Life shows forth its bounty from within you ever outward.

    Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information.

  • Poetic this is so true!! It took me many years to realize that love and faith go hand in hand and will see you through anything with miracles abounding. I personally experienced this and then when my tragedies started and they put me in a whirlwind wth losing my husband, almost losing my mother numerous times during that and several other things all at once. I stepped back a football field step into numbness. It is very hard to overcome once you are numb. I have been feeling the faith and love coming back to me and it is wonderful to read this. Thank you.

  • I'm so glad you got something for it, made me cry, got one more message from Jesus/Sanada.

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  • are you saying you have another message?

  • Thank you

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