To MochaQueen

  • Hello,

    I did write an answer back to your question, however did not know if you received it due to my computer stopping.

    Yes, your free will deceisions do have an influence on a reading given.

    I do not suggest that someone live their lives through a psychic, as the information given is always changeable , like a road map with a detour sign, you will have to go another direction because the original pathway is under construction.

    I believe that having faith in a higher being and learning how to use your own power is very important. The learning is what you are drawn to not what someone else can deceide for you.I personally had a hard upbringing and was made to go to church. When I became an adult I than deceided that the metaphysical was also going to be a part of my life. One in which has given me strength to endure what life brings to all of us in tests and challange.

    I hope this helps you and if you have any other questions. I'm here.

    Happy Holidays


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