Who is he?*_*

  • I get some predictions ,they say that in my love someone who I already know will back in my life ,and he is maybe older than me?

    I have no idea ,who will be ?

    Will I like him ,when he will come back to my life...

    tnx. my sign virgo

  • Hello Doree,

    I feel like he will appear in the first half of 2011. I hear the name Fred and Albert here. You will know him once he begings to talk to you. Yes, you will like him and he will treat you will. The rest is up to you.

    Happy Holidays,


  • thank you 🙂

    i can wait 🙂

    but i think he will be not fred or albert, because we dont' have that names in my country ;D

    Maybe something like that.

    1 one question ,is he someone who i already know ?

  • This post is deleted!

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