The numbers attached to us...

  • I had a teacher that was born in 1953, died at 53 on 9/30 , and his house numbers were 930. We were very close and unknowling for awhile , we both used to go to the same military hospital which was on George street ( his name) and the adress of the hospital was my birth year 77.

    My name is Edna , and the street that intersected with mine was named edna and my physical address was my birth year as well. I believed that I was where i needed to be at that time.

    After my teacher passed away, I was seeing him and the number 53 in my dreams eveytime he would reveal a message to me.

    Pay close attention and write down the numbers you repeatedly see, they reveal alot and can pretty much tell you where u r going not only spiritually but here in the physical life. I sometimes don't know what they mean until I get to where i need to be , but its fun to just notice those kind of patterns .

    Anyone else want to share what they get from seeing repeated numbers?

  • I was born a master number 11. A lot of my addresses have been 11, my social security number is 11. Since Uranus rules the number 11 I have had some drastic things happen in my life very suddenly. They were either horrible, or absolutely wonderful. I am always seeing sequences, and pay very close attention to them. More than not, I am always seeing11:11 on my clock, or noticing the number 11 wherever I go. I feel they are messages about our progress with life, and the challenges we face. I would like to meet other 11s just to see if they have faced some of the challenges I have faced in this lifetime.

  • Thank everyone because I thought I was alone in my numbers game. Others would pass it off

    as so what are you crazy? I also am a number 11 and had addresses and phone numbers

    that broke down to 11. I see birthdays on the clock and that person would call. Or I would see

    a birth time on the clock as well. Bank balances, totals on receipts always have something to

    say. I find numbers fascinating, but I'm not very good at math, go figure!

    As for Edna, your name was my only Aunt's name so your post is bringing her through. Thank

    you as she was closer to me than my mother. If anyone takes their birth date and apply to

    a Tarot Major, this will give you further insight. Example: My date of birth is 16 which corresponds with the Tower card #16 and boy this cards meaning is on point.

    warriorwoman1661 : )

  • I only had a rural route # for years until shortly after my grandparents died, then we got 911 #'s which mine ended up being their apartment #.

  • Everyone check the other forums we have a couple of discussions going about numbers at the moment there are 2 things going and they say exactly the same re numbers i.e. I live at 65A my brother Alistair was born in 1965 etc.

    I was born 15th May see 5s on clocks all the time 1555 1505 etc........... fav tracks on CDS number 5 and 15

    moved into my flat 15th May my Nans best friend called May I am in love with a man and put film on to forget him and heros name is my man's name reversed (christian and surname etc)

    Have a look at the other forums they have been running for a while have a look


  • 23 has always been a weird number for me. 2+3 is five and therefore fives have also played a big part of my life. Its 12:23pm right now, for example.

    If you research 23 there is a large history behind it. There was even a movie, which I never saw, but people say I act a lot like Jim Carrey in the movie. The number, however, haunted me well before the movie was even thought of.

    I have looked into numerous numerology things, and I haven't found anything that brings up the number 23, so it is subject to personal meanings rather than something carefully researched by professional numerologists, making it that much more mysterious.

  • Well, yea. there are a couple of threads going about numbers. And still 222. has nothing to do with my birth date or name. Well, nothing. Its kinda haunting me. 222. Still trying to figure out the message. Does any one think its related to the Bible. ie: chapter 2 verse 22? And if so which book?

  • Hi, Combinations of the no. 5 attach to me. Also, when I look at the clock--9:11. I would think emergency? I think it has something to do w/ the fact two significant people in my life were born around this day. Also, my street address has my birth year in it. I don't know why certain no.'s follow us.

  • I really got into this when my Dad dies. He died one month from my birthday 1/13, I was like

    WOW! Then as I thought and started to reflect so did my God-Mother 9/13. Whats up with that, math or numerology is very important in connecting the dots.

  • Finding out that I was a master number 11 explained a lot of life issues for me and helped me to better guide my life towards spiritual enlightenment.

  • My life path number is 11. When i started researching numerology six years ago i just started noticing 11 everywhere. On bus stop signs, addresses, watching a movie, my address i grew up at equaled 11, my license plate of the car i drive equal 11. Supermarket receipts equal 11, 11 is my magic number because i know that if i see it, i'm where i'm supposed to be, or theres a message i need to pay attention to. Numbers arent as random as we think, the point is we need to figure out the connection.

  • As i just made that post the bottom of this website page said "Listing 11-11 of 11. See what i mean?!!

  • My life path is 11. I didnt realized who I am and my role in this world. It was an eye opener for me. My life changed suddenly. Everything happened 1st January this year. My husband infidelity happened on the 1st of January 2009. 1-1-11. My world gets upside down, I don't understand what has happened to us. its like a bad dreams, a nightmare. I was so angry with my exhubby and to the girl so young younger than our eldest son. Anyway, I called the Almighty God to help and enlighten me coz I am very depressed, the first 2 months, January and February are crucial, and in March, I get back my senses, and in April, I was healed. Now in May, I realized my husband needs my compassion, and I am willing to help him. I moved on but not him. This will help me to see my inner self, and my inner eye. I learned my lessons and the challenges. I feel my life is much smoother, easier and happier! Although I am still suprised, but I love the way it is now.

  • By the way, I was married for 23 years. but I am more secured now more than ever. Think positives, dont have negative thoughts. We are in the process, to learn and grow. We must involved with a cause or issue that requires compassion and sensitivity. And with our talent for focusing intensely on ANYTHING we do, our participation will be memorable. We will provide the rest of humanity with a memorable performance. 11-lifepather are lot of power-combined with cooperative traits. We are easy to go along with, sensitive, considerate, understanding, tactful, diplomat, and so on. Its almost God-given force, a vision of a perfect world, and the willingness to do whats necessary to create such a world is that we walk the 11-lifepath. We have to walk this unique and powerful lifepath to shed the light of truth and goodness in all comes of our society. Our inspiration and motivation keeps the rest of us going, even in the face of adversity. Dont be suprised if our mottoes are "I have an idea" or "I have a dream!" But remember avoid negative thoughts that is the negative sides.

    To all 11-lifepather we must find the right track, this will open things and use all our potential that will make us truly lucky person.

  • And finally, the do's and dont's to help us achieve our goals:

    For the rest of our life, DO try to:

    • Be more aware of the importance of others in helping you achieve your goals.

    • Avoid doing things purely for material gain or selfish reasons.

    • Mitigate the intensity of the Master Number Lifepath by withdrawing from the limelight every so often and helping others anonymously.

    And DONT:

    • Confuse your fantasies with reality.

    • Let criticism from others interfere in what you need to do.

    • Ignore your potential or power.

    You are walking a unique path, my friend. When you use your power and intuition to help others, you end up helping yourself! Your "star" qualities are hard to come by. Lucky you!

  • Hi all!

    I jumped to this discussion "by accident"!! ( Im on my iPhone...)

    So, this is truly serendipitous. I LOVE math, #s!!!!! Won't go into detail @ me now coz my husband has had 1105 following him around for a long time!!! All the time, all forms, everywhere!?!??!

    His BDay is 11/13/1952.

    Take Care-


  • WOW... It has been a while since I've had the opportunity to check out this site in detail... so I was totally floored when I came across this discussion... on May 24/09 my sister sent me the following url: .... it is the article at the bottom of the page... and should explain what you are looking for.... good luck all and have an incredibly wondrous day...

  • Just a note... you're looking for the post dated August 18/09 .... enjoy.

  • Hi,

    In the past I would look at the clock at 1:11 or 2:22 or 3:33 or even at 1:23.(or any other sychronicity times) I randomly looked at the clock at all these times plus more. I joined a group on Facebook called "I make wishes at 11:11pm" I thought it may help create good energy.


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