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  • This was the result of the two burning question tarot:

    Possible Outcome: Ace of Cups

    Love Situation: Four of Cups

    Challenges and Opportunities: Two of Coins

    My Advice: Judgement

    His Advice: Ace of Coins

    My Issues: Three of Cups

    His Issues: The Magician


  • These cards are telling you to that there is a need for you to look at your situation with logic.

    Possible outcome is Ace Of cups which means things will probably stay the same, nothing will change for the better or for worse. Ace of cups is not mature love, or growing love which means this relationship is stuck and not growing.

    Situation - 4 Of cups.. The relationship is stuck. Something needs to give or change. Dissatisfaction , statement, the inability to do anything about the situation.

    Challenges/Opportunities 2 of coins - This can mean either one of you could be juggling another person, or that one of you is having a hard time juggling this relationship with other parts of their life.

    Advice - Look at this situation and be honest with yourself about it. Take the rose coloured glasses off.

    His advice - To make a commitment and be loyal. He needs to be consistent.

    Your issues - 3 of cups... 3 things come to mind with this card. You love bad boys , you are not ready to be with a grown man who will give you what you "need" as opposed to what you" want". Addictions come with this card, they can come in any form, even people. The third thing specially when they 3 of cups and 2 of coins are together in one reading, one of you is cheating and creeping with other people.

    His issues - The Magician - He is a silver tongue, he knows how to get what he wants buy manipulating all senses. Selfishness, Immaturity.

    There is no change here because the outcome is Ace Of Cups meaning you are both getting something you need out of each other.However there is no moving forward/growing in this union. Take it for what it is, a good time, great sex, laughs, sensuality. If you expect him to be faithful and to marry you or give you some sort of serious commitment then you might find yourself disappointed. Even though you love to party and love a good time deep down you want real love, unfortunately you want it from a " boy" who loves to party also, and is not ready nor wants to settle, when he ends up being ready, he will choose a naive girl not a woman.

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