Cards Keep Showing Up, Need Help, Thank you!!

  • I had wrote a post a few weeks ago, because I am a beginner tarot reader, and I had did one on my boyfriend. I did the celtic spread, and his question was " Will I be successful in my job" And in the spread, I cant remember all of the cards, but I remember there was the devil, death reversed, and the tower reversed, and I had asked what that could mean.

    Now today, I have been having a bad feeling, so I had asked the question " Should he quit his job" And I did the 7 card yes or no spread. You lay 7 cards straight across, fourth card is the significator more or less...and you turn them up right. The first three cards are past.....last three cards are future. If more cards are upright the answer is YES, if more cards are reversed the answer is NO.

    I asked this question, and every card but the second future card is upright.

    The first card is strength, second is the devil, third is 9 of wands.

    The middle (significator) is 9 of cups

    And the fifth card ( first future card) is the tower, sixth card is ace of swords reversed, and final card is death.

    What could this mean? Those three cards showed up in the last reading I did about his job as well. I am starting to get a bit worried.

    Thank you for your time and energy in reading this. I REALLY appreciate it!!

  • This is telling you exactly what the last reading told you....,,nothing has changed.

  • Also Yes/No questions and "Should I do such and such" are no good with Tarot. Tarot cards like to tell the story of Past/Present/Future.. They explain how the past is influencing the future, etc.. it is more detailed and more in-depth ..For yes and no questions you are better off flipping a coin...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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