Anyone else NEED Help Reply now before I go

  • Anyone else needing help? Reply now im getting ready for bed time!

  • Since u offer lol

    ahm what do u get regard love men education relocation plus all else i need to know at this time. i ask this way bc often we dont get themessages we asked for but im open



  • A man with an education would be a blessing lol then maybe relocation is possible but I truly do not see much on the relocation. Specifically, I see a nice new type modern Kitchen I feel good energy there. Doing something you enjoy brings happiness, I do see lots of energy. If I get more later I will let you know here. Tired now lol


  • no prob honeykat if u need more inof ill provide it

  • Hi Honeykat, I would love help into my situation. Do you need anything from me?

  • Hello Honeykat,

    I do not know what you may need from me but if you can help me I would so be grateful!

    I am in a rut so bad that I cannot think clearly about anything. I feel that there is something happening deep within me and yet I cannot get rid of the anxiety long enough to meditate. I do not even know if I have any gifts anymore. Peace even in chaos was always something I could pull from but not now. Can you feel anything that could help me understand what is happening to me? I have no path or direction now and cannot find a way to figure this overwhelming and lost feeling deep within. I feel a HUGE change in someone's life but I am not sure if this is mine or someone close to me but it does not feel good; at least at first...I don't know the visions are gone and emotions are confused. Thank you so much for any help you may be able to obtain in my situation. My B-day: 8/1/1965

  • I am sure u still have your gifts sometimes we can be in a state of mind in which our gifts can be suppressed by our own overwhelming mental situation. As people who have gifts, we too are often what I would like to say oppressed because we are able to feel things more and aware more than others. We can also feel the state of the depression of the world around us. We know things are not getting better because we can feel the situation of the world all around us. We know financial times and bad times are still ahead as a whole we feel these things. There are some that will be ok during these times. Hope is given, yes it is in the hard times where we test our good will. What i mean by good will is we conserve energy and share what we have with others, we have less so we use less like food , water or living arangements. Many are having to live together in order to survive. Now, what we do is we pray and have that hope that things even thou are not the best will get better in time. They will get better, but there are still tough times ahead. I believe you and I are both feeling this connection in the world together.

  • HoneyKat honey, whom do you post for? its hard to see if one aint as to say "called up".

    cwb 😜

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