• do you have any guidance for me?

  • I am 40 7/19/1970 female.

  • hello chris 1962, I am 8th july 1958/ can I also please have any insights please especially to do with love life please did meet scott about 6 weeks ago we really clicked even though he is much younger but he disappeared before we even really got to know each other at this stage will i hear again ?anyway then I did break up early this year from ray feel he had already found a new female and I still feel like there was lies and yes I do still have feelings for him but could never trust him again really its a year now im ready to move on i have had a tough year with my mother passing too.thanks if anyone can give me an insight eve x

  • Hi there Honeykat,

    I'm getting an illness that was reasonably long-standing, but which has finally ended. It's now time to shed your skin and enjoy life unencumbered.

    There is somethign else coming here too: something which is hindering you to a degree; like a smothering sort of energy. this could tie in with the illness mentioned above, as I feel that this "hindrance" is also at, or comint to, an end. Were you in a long term relationship that you've left recently, or even a job? It was somethign you put your heart and soul into, but you experienced so much restriction and lack of encouragement/positivity that I geta picture of you throwing up your hands and saying "enough's enough".

    Whatever this long term thing has been, you've made the right choice and are now on the right path for you. I see you becoming more involved in the healing industry; either as a Reiki master or something which involves the laying on of hands, so to speak. Massage? But it does involve you interrarcting with others in a skin to skin capacity and bringing great comfort.

    I see more changes coming for you in 2011, involving a house move or even as far as a state to state, or even another country move. You don't take too kindly to being bored or stagnate, and I feel you are someone who needs to move around every few years in order not to suffer boredom/stagnation. Whatever you do for a career will enable you to move around and you will see many far-flung places I think.

    I don't pick up that there children in your life, other than those of friends and relatives. Is that right? If not, it could be that there are no real issues with the children in your life at this time that you are overly concerned about.

    Do you sing? I'm getting that too ... like folk singing or singing at a relatively high-pitch.

    You have many talents, some not realised yet. I see you painting, though this comes across more as something you did years ago as a child and you have taken it up again in recent times, or will be in the very near future. It will be a great escape for you and you may even manage to sell one or two works.

    For some reason, I'm getting something to do with hair! sometimes these strange things come and I simply must mention them. Like, did you lose your hair at some point in your life? Or are you losing it now? Stress can cause that, and again, this could tie in with the illness mentioned above.

    Whatever you do, you always need to follow your true calling; always do what makes you sing, otherwise you will falter and become ill. You are a very passionate person who needs a vent for that passion, so undertake as many creative outlets as you can. Plus exercise. Vigorous, sweat-inducing exercise is very good for you.

    I know some of this might sound a bit mish-mash, but that's how it came!

    Hope this is of some help to you,




  • Hi eve8,

    I wonder if I could ask you to begin your own thread, as I find it can be awfully conflicting reading for more than one person in a single thread. Things come which can be meant for someone other than who you're reading for specifically, so it's best to keep threads to a single topic and apply to the thread starter only in my experience. I know there are others on here who aren't bothered by this, but I've found in the past that I've got things mixed up to all get out while trying to read for two or more in a particular thread; very confusing for all concerned!

    Hope this is okay!





  • of course its fine, have done a new thread ,have never been on anything like this before amazing what we can do by computers eve xx

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