High seas freedom Please help

  • Hi new to this and wondering if anyone would be so kind hearted to help with a very difficult and bad bad place. In a relationship with a man whose is abusive and controling. Not sure why he does these horrible things to me. I do know he has addictions that he can not control and I myself am fighting to stay alive daily. I have been betrayed to the deepest extent and those of you who may be in understanding of this will know what I am dealing with. I can not provide names of dates as there are certain persons who choose to invade my privacy on a regular basis. I am asking for prayers and the instilling of my faith again as its has been beaten down to less than. Can anyone help as to why he feels the need to be so evil and why he feels he wants to hurt me so much much more than known. Please anyone I am at a total loss and just begging for some hope that justices will be done and I can be freed of this misery and abuse. Please! Thank you for your kindness of at least reading my post. Best wishes to all!!!!!

  • I cannot imagine why not a single person has replied to this thread yet. Since it has not replies, and no one is helping just yet, I'm going to post something to bump it back to the top of the list.

    This sort of thing is not my area of expertise in 'What to do/what not to do/what you should do' or whatever. Being what I am, I don't trust what I don't understand, but I do at least understand that when a relationship turns poisonous and abusive... it is time to cut all ties and run away.

    Perhaps someone else can give you better insight, but nevertheless I will be praying that you get out of this situation just fine.

  • Thank you OCain for posting thanks again! Maybe too much to handle for some. I know I must go and am but the question always remains on why. Maybe its time to stop questioning the whys. Try not too but its part of me who i am and what I believe.

  • Hi frdmquest1,

    I'm sorry but this may come out harsh, but this is not what you might think...why are you not gone already? Can you not leave?

    An abuser is an abuser its not you!

    Love and light

  • Dear frdmquest1,

    I am new to this as well. I have a grandmother who divorced my grandfather at over 70 years old as he was abusive and mean most of her life. I think part of the reason she waited all these years to leave him was fear he would hurt her and also she was afraid to be alone. I will never forget the day I talked with her trying to convince her never to go back... I will give you the same advice as a friend. If you stay, you could be hurt worse than you already are or you can face your fears and leave him. No good comes from a poisonous relationship continuing. You will have family and friends there to support you. Do not look to yourself for fault... some people are just born mean. sad to say my grandfather was one of them. I never regret the day I stood up for my grandmother as I do not feel she would be as she is today living on her own with peace of mind surrounded by loving family and friends. I was afraid when I did it, but it something I have never regretted and she will live her last days in peace. I believe the powers that be are there to help if you but ask and be brave enough to make the first steps. Those first steps are not easy and take courage but pull from the strength that you have inside you. Try to remember a time when you had that strength and courage, if you but look it will be there. It would be best to leave and live the remainder of your life in peace and to heal.


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