What does all the rising sign means? How does it work w/ Relationship Compat.?

  • What does rising sign and moon sign make a difference in compatibility? What do these rising signs mean? How does myself and my man look?

    I'm an Aries with:

    Rising sign in 12 degrees scorpio

    Sun is in 21 Degrees Leo

    Moon is in 19 degrees Pisces

    Mercury is in 13 degrees virgo

    Venus is in 07 degrees Virgo

    Mars is in 28 degrees Scorpio

    Jupiter is in 03 degree Capricorn

    Saturn is in 10 Degrees Scorpio

    Uranus is 09 degrees Sagittarius

    Neptune is in 28 degrees Sagittarius

    Pluto is 29 degrees Libra

    N.Node is 02 Degrees Gemini

    My Man is a Cancer with:

    Rising Sign is in 10 degrees Libra

    Sun is in 24 degrees Cancer

    Moon is in 19 Degrees Sagittarius

    Mercury is 21 Degrees Leo

    Venus is 06 degrees Virgo

    Maris is 19 degrees Virgo

    Jupiter is 19 degrees Cancer

    Saturn is 28 Degrees Leo

    Uranus is 12 Degrees Scorpio

    Neptune is 15 Degrees Sagittarius

    Pluto is 14 Degrees Libra

    N.Node is 29 Degrees Virgo

  • i'm officially confused..multiple "rising sign" sites have given me different signs as my rising signs...

  • can someone explain? I looked it up my rising sign is Cancer apparently

  • You are an Aries with your sun 21 degrees in Leo???

  • Your Rising Sign or "Ascendant" reflects that 1/12th slice of the sky that was ascending on the Eastern horizon the moment you were born, and is located on the cusp of the First House of your astrological chart. Knowing your birth time is a necessary piece of information to determine your Rising Sign.

    Your Rising Sign is an important part of your astrological chart, because it represents the way you project yourself outward, the way you're seen and perceived by the rest of the world and the general "impression" that you make on others. It is frequently the case that a person will have a Rising Sign that is entirely different from their Sun Sign, and learning about your Rising Sign, and even reading your daily horoscope for that sign, can provide greater insight into your personal astrological makeup.

    A full astrological report will not only interpret your Rising Sign, but will also tell you how it affects and is affected by your particular Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and the other elements of your birth chart.

  • That's what I got a free reading... Soo my rising sign is not scorpio or cancer then?

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