High Scool Sweetheart

  • I was contacted by my HS sweetheart Bill, 4 months ago after a sudden breakup with my x-boyfriend. It was 25 years since I talked to him, but we talked like we never skipped a beat. He told me that the last three years of his life haven't been kind to him and the culmination is his mom dying of cancer(he is her care giver). I have hoped, prayed, wished through out the years that him and I would meet again. We have had long talks on the phone and made plans for him to come and visit me. I lost contact with him 2 weeks ago and our planned meeting has passed and he didn't call. I left two messages and I feel I do not want to invade his privacy if his mom took a turn for the worse. My dob is 03-05-1960 and Bill's is 07/27/1959. Can someone please give me insight to this situation. Bill did help me by calling when he did. You see he called on the day my x moved out. Bill made it hurt just a little less. I was not aware if he felt that i should not date or get involved with anyone else. I did meet someone and assessed that the new person would not be good for me and I should hold out for Bill. Will we ever see each other again? He lives about 300 miles away. I go over in my mind to see if there was anything I had said that would have scared him off and can't think of anything. Please help

  • Hi LuckySue, I answered your other post at, I think it was relationship woes so I won't go into detail here. I can't help but wonder if his mother took a turn for the worse. I pray she didn't but it keeps nagging at me. Maybe she's okay but he might be involved in her care to the point of not having any free time. If she was taking chemo, some patients get really sick at the end of a long treatment and cannot take care of themselves at all.

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