Help with question

  • I asked tarot for specific question : will i marry soon and have children soon?

    the tarot said things look in good position for others to stand along side me and

    want to help but i needed to also let go of hurt in past.

    so i still want a specific answer of will i find the person who is best for me

    and loves me and wants children soon? any help out here?

  • Hey Girl,

    I sure hope you find a love and family in the near future. I think you will. Show up at churches,good place for husband material!

    Good Luck and Best Wishes and Blessings all to you


  • A girl who wants love will have to learn how to open up and take chances! Quit saying no, start saying yes! Let go of hurt and release yourself to open yourself up to trust and take a chance on a few you may not expect. This you do you will find someone who is kind and a partner, dont look for the best of everything look for someone who meets your needs. Dont be too picky! An average guy can be a great catch!


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