Could someone please help me with a reading?....

  • I am a 36 yr old aquarius that usually has very strong intuitive skills. But recently got involved with a cancer and things ended abruptly with no real reason. My skill has been clouded due to my own emotional clutter. Can anyone help?

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  • I would like to know if he is in my future..

  • The ending was so abrupt, wasn't it? Feels like he was just ripped right out of your life and there are all these things that just aren't working anymore... it looks like "loose ends" but this feels more like cropped arteries and things are just pouring into you that were part of that give and take. Which makes both things so difficult for you: that you can't get past the pain of it, and you want to be assuaged that he'll be back in some way.

    I do think that he will be part of your future. His role in it is still pretty undefined, but that's because there is something within him that is undefined. I keep seeing San Francisco, and feel very much that the undefined part has to do with that city or with water in general.

    He has to know about this before he can be any good to anyone. And yes, you were getting too close to something... which you suspect but didn't want to bring up.

    Be aware that what you need to do now is really focus This could mean something I don't know, or it could mean that you need to focus on the super happy and positive things in your center, in your core, and in the world around you. Be the Monarch Butterfly, the sign of new life and truth within yourself.

    His role may not end up being what you want it to be at the moment, but know that there are a lot of possibilities here, and continuation of the relationship is one of them.

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