Tarus and Virgo- does the Tarus feel no love?

  • I read an enjoyed the previous Tarus topic, and did gather some good info from there. I am in a similar situation, being that I have done EVERYTHING for this guy. We both agreed we didnt want to be in a "relationship" and for a while that was ok with me. I even specificly told him I didn't want him wanting to be "a couple" just because I was helping him out. The thing is, he reinerates daily how he doesn't want a relationship. We see each other almost daily, we are intimate, monogomous, but yet he doesnt want a girlfriend. I konw the more confused i get with my own emotions, the more I probably drive him off by trying to talk about things that bother me. The guy is wonderful person, full of amazing talents, but i am wearing down, I just don't think I can continue to dothis, but I don't want to just walk away on someting that could be great! Can anyone, please give me some insight, and tell me what to do.... what he wants>? Thanks

  • Virlibra - Tell him what you've told us here. Tell him that you have come to realize that he is wonderful and amazing and that you are feeling like you would like something more between you. Remind him that you hear what he is saying about not wanting to be in a relationship, but that your feeling differently in your heart now. That's about as far as you can take it. The rest is a conversation that only you two can have about what might come next. The tough decision for you is, if he really is serious about not wanting a relationship at all, then you must decide whether to stay knowing that you'll feel dissatisfied, or walk away. Taurus don't usually budge very easily, they generally don't like change, he sees you everyday, you are obviously close and I'm going to assume he enjoys all that time he is spending with you. You do actually make it easy for him to just keep things the way they are if you are not openly expressing what you feel about him. Maybe he would welcome hearing how you really feel. Since you keep accepting his daily comments about not wanting a relationship, why wouldn't he think that's perfectly fine with you? Revealing what you are feeling to him is the only way you will be able to know what to do or what he wants. Anyway, that's my humble opinion. I hope it works out for both of you!

  • Virlibra~ I agree with Jenever7. I just re-met someone from high school, went out 3 times but nothing ever started-twice my fault, once his....27yrs later....we meet on fb, he asks me to come for dinner @his house and I do. For the next 2 months we meet 3 more times, during this time i've been separated for 7 1/2yrs, i'm getting divorced, have 4 kids 2@home and 2 on their own. I tell him, a Virgo 9/22/64-no kids, never been married, that I, a Taurus 5/19/65, NEVER want to get married again nor do I want to have a relationship with anyone just want friends w/benefits. WHAT a MISTAKE...the more we're together the more it feels so right, I can't stop thinking about him but I don't dare tell him how I feel because i'm afraid he will run away and I feel like a fool that I told him what I wanted from the beginning and now i've changed my mind. I just went out with 2 other guys that I use to know, intimate w/one because I feel that i'm getting too close and he feels it so 'he' won't call or tm me 1st anymore, its' me. I can't stand the thought of me being with another guy like that when I only want him...yuck..my bad. But I think thats the only way i'm going to get over him. I feel I have to keep myself 'safe' from getting hurt so I don't tell him how I really feel because he won't 1st..I know silly right? I'm a Taurus and when we find that person that we want to be with we devote ourselves to them whole heartedly w/o words but by action. The sex between us is incredible, I think its the virgo/taurus thing, I don't know. We laugh at each others jokes when others don't get it. We can talk about everything under the sun for hours EXCEPT for relationship issues between us. I guess i'm just trying to say that someone has to go 1st. If hes' stubborn like me, hes' probably waiting for you to reiterate your stance in this relationship. From experience I think sometimes we hide behind these walls of words afraid of being hurt by spilling our hearts to the people we care about and really want to be with! I also think that you need to shake things up a little by not being so 'available' for him all the time. We taurus like consistency a little too much and can become complacent and not value what we have until its gone. Just my opinion too! Good luck sister! ;0)

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