Can someone please tell me whats going on...Thank you for your time!

  • I have been seeing Sean for a couple of months. He is very verbal about not wanting a relationship. I was ok with it at first, but now , not so ok with it. We had a huge blow up fight last night. I just wonder if anyone know whats going on, andi we are going to be ok, or if Ishould move on. Thanks again Sean 05-04-80 Melissa 09-22-77

  • Melissa, your friend wants to avoid love and intimacy because he fears they will trap him and keep him from a more independent life in the world where he can be recognised for his achievements. He wants to be more than just a husband or a dad, he wants to be SOMEONE. Differences in your fundamental values make this relationship very problematic. Resentments and conflict will be the theme here - best to move on.

  • thank you so much for your reply

  • I think he likes to be single therefore he doesn't have to answer to anyone and not you either. He felt good about it at first because as he told you in the beginning. He can then play the field without commitment. IF you are ok with this relationship the way it is then you can stay in it, but if you are looking for a commitment its here then let go and look elsewhere. otherwise consider it a booty call here.


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