Good morning :)

  • I, like so many of you here, am searching for a more directed path in my life. I guess this is my "hello" post 🙂 "Hello".

    I have so many questions! But really I am looking to learn how to ultimately answer my own questions, yah know. I don't need the "truth" per-say, how subjective is that! haha. I am looking for commonalities, the little threads that hold our reality together:) Huna Mystics called them "Aka" cords. Karma, fate, etc. whateva.

    7 life path, 22 soul urge(or a 4....I am definitely a 4 right now:) Um.... I think I was crazy here recently! yaya for crazy! Again, subjectivity. I guess it all depends where in the expanse you stand.

    I have approached life with a sort of 180 deg. oppositional tension(recently). However effective this approach is, I would never condone it. Karma is a bitch.

    I am now at a turning point in my life, as are we all. People come in and out of lives at the right times. I believe the first five months of 2011 are going to be very.....effective:) For a lot of people if willing to see the opportunities. Thats where I am! Being aware of opportunity.

    I believe my life partner to have been born on the 20th of February 1980

    I have a theory 🙂 It may not be just a theory, someone else may have already thought of this.

    So the moon goes through a waxing and waning phase. It's simple find the date that the moon is in exact opposition to your own birth date. Enter, the love of your life! One could use this approach for any number of applications. I came across this by PURE happenstance 🙂 But that story is for one person in-particular.

    I do believe in a higher power, not as Christianity would explain it, but more of a Douglas Adams vision. In the light of this sad twist of fate. Religion has done the exact opposite of its original. intent, enter Fear, inlou of this paradoxical paradigm, it has now set people into a binding contract of self deprivation.

    So I am kinda going off right now! I just feel good about this place. 🙂 All we really want is to be heard right?. I am excited to listen and learn with you all here.

    Looking forward to a bright future:) One that we have an active participation in our own creations.

    lots of love.


  • This post is deleted!

  • HI Neil welcome! You will find many like minds and souls!

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