Did I really alter my life?

  • I seriously hurt my left hand on Friday night. I now have several stitches that go from the middle top to the bottom outter edge of my palm. Since I am known to scar, my question is... did I really alter my life due to the injury and possible scar? A friend told me I have since I cut through my life, heart and head lines.

    I'm starting to believe them because things aren't going right for me again. I had finally gotten things strainghtened out in my life and everything is going off track again fast! I would appreciate anyone who can answer me.

  • Dear renzosluv,

    You have a right hand with the same lines on it. Do you cut yourself on purpose as I hope this was an accident? Why are you known to scar? Every person life goes off track sometimes and they feel lost. You have to get lost to find your new direction. Stop listening to friends that may not know what they are talking about and seek professional opinions from people that are qualifield to give you an answer.

    I will wait for your answers before I continue.

  • Renzosluv, if this an accident it is only tell you slow down, look around listen your heart and wait for healing. Your life is in your full control and if it is begin off track you can straightened back it again as soon as take positive attitude and confront the fear and pain. Look for peace in your heart and happiness in the mind do not let negativity put you down.

  • Shuabby:

    Thank you for your response. It was an accident, I got my hand caught between a very large mirror and the metal support rod. The weight of the mirror impaled my hand on the rod. The dr said I'm just one of those people that scar easily. Even minor scrapes will cause a scar. You stated that my right hand has the same lines on it. The lines on my hands have never matched. I don't know if that has any significance or not.

    2010 has been a year of constant challenges for me. I finally had things settle down for me a couple of months ago, and it seems like I'm back tracking now into the same mess. I try very hard to be a positive person, and I love life. If you have any insight or suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thanks again!

  • IndependentGirl:

    Thank you for your heartwarming response. I have been forced into slowing down since the accident due to basically being one-handed for the time being and everything takes me twice as long. Typing this for example. I normally type 120 wpm, but now I'm doing good to type 35 wpm! LOL I have confronted one of my biggest fears, and confronted my ex over the way our relationship ended. I hate confrontation, so I was avoiding the issue. After we each had our say, things aren't as bad as either one of us thought. We were not listening to each other, but instead jumped ahead of the conversation to what we expected the other one to say. We each thought the other had said something they hadn't. It got us nowhere but unhappy. We are now giving things another try. There is a lot of love between us, and a lot of hope. Everything else is just going to take time to get straightened out. I did it before, and I can do it again. Again, thank you for your response. I truly appreciate it.

  • Dear renzosluv,

    Sorry to hear of your accident and your hand will heal qucikly with TLC. Your lines on your right hand should tell the same story as your left hand did or we would have a lot of unbalanced palm readers out there. For the year 2011 you will be learning some life lessons and also may find yourself studying for a field of endeveror that you are drawn to. You will do so well at it that you will shock yourself. Have you thought of the medical field , I know you are a capable learner.

    Your love life will change as you do in this new year, You will find that you speak out more to people and ask for what you want. YOU will also learn to listen to others to gather the knowledge that you will need to succeed in life. You will feel like the year is going slow and you have so much to do and learn. That is just the way it is suppose to be for you.

    Also, you may find you want and need to be alone this coming year more so that you can accomplish your goals without a lot of interference. I really feel that towards the last of the year you will really be walking a completely diffrent pathway and want a diffrent type of love in your life too. One that is more peaceful and offers you a heart that is filled with joy and has overcome so much in their lives that they just may be a earth angel that you are on your way to earning in 2011.

  • Dear Shuabby:

    Thank you for your insight! Wow! Sounds like I have an exciting year coming! I'm looking forward to it.

    Yes, I have considered the medical field, but more along the lines of natural healing instead of conventional medicine. Money is the main factor in putting that dream on hold for now. I can't afford to go back to school, and I seem to fall through the cracks on getting financial assistance. I can't afford another debt so a student loan isn't an option at this time. I'm positive something will occur to make it all work somehow. I'm learning patience and inproving my computer search skills looking for alternatives.

    As I stated in my previous response, the lines on my hands do not match. I have never gone to a palm reader to see what the difference is due in part to my own fear that the different lines indicate something being wrong as I have never met anyone else whose lines don't match. I admit I'm a coward....

    Your response is greatly appreciated, and you have no idea how much your response has calmed my heart. Thank you so much!

  • This was an accident, and as for the other incidences, please keep in mind many people are being led to undergo a transformation as the year comes to a close.

    The lines on your hands aren't identical, no ones' are. This is a fact. Do not worry. There is a saying: The lines on your left hand are what you come into the world with. The lines on your right hand are what you make of it.

    Be still and Listen.


  • Laie4

    Thank you for you response. I really appreciate it, and will be listen.

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