Insights needed Thanx ladies n gents

  • Hi

    This am I had a flash preminition and i need insights. Are winterboots the keyprimarysign to my future, n here we talk from now and to Spring 2011.

    Which ever u get im open n thankful n grateful n appreciative. Thanx

  • here you are the winterboots

  • i like those shoes!! what brand are they? where are they from?? nice choice!!

  • Sorry cant do heels, bad back prohibits me. N guys i was SERIOUS not joking.

  • another here you have a choice but one is cheaper than another ... cool and elegant boots you can wear them with everything and feel good and comfortable

  • another one

  • sorry another attempt

  • Happydoc, those are from anthropology very comfortable if you do not mind heels ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nah me no like any of em lol mayb i posed my inquiry wrong., i didnt mean i was on hunt for winterboots, but more r winterboots the pebble that makes the domino track of my future life set in rollingh? like is it what makes the ball avanlance roll? i think so but some insights would b nice, n plz ladies not more boots as boots boots

  • Ok ladies n gents lemmi tell u the dealio.

    Ok I saw a preview of week 48ยดs advertisings and saw em winterboots on sale. Since its bit on me. this morning i had a flash visions of getting em boots n with it the all rest preminitions and flashes ive had as puzzle piece fall into place n showed a picture that could happen. SHORT after i heard Montanaweatherboots. weather boots for montana. thats where the film cracked a tad. hence why i opted to ask for insights.

    The ones i thouigh of getting fits weather even in antartica n northpole.

    HOWEVER i winded up with better ones i think lol im quite okay with em,. they aint as heavy n clonking as the old ones.

    Anyhews the flashes n pieces falling into place showed future in Pennsylvania, BUT the Montana weather boots clocked in telepathically.

    NOW my pal Alden, whom i love dearly resides in Pennsylvania BUT Charlie fireman the click of my life ( LMAO) has condos n stuff in Montana n i doubt he yet has left Montana for warmer climates. im sure he was the 1 with the Montana Weather Boots telepath message.

    Last dont go all on jalopus of me bc TRUST me, there is NOTHING to b jalous of. Believe u me.

    Now can ANY be serious n help me? ;-D thanx

  • There are Alden boots , famous ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lmao so what r u saying ig? plz carve it out 4 me thanx

  • ok here are the name of boots that I posted to you: Turtleneck Booties, Steve Madden "Linderr" Boot , the last one are Forward Thinker Boots so here you are with a big choice...

    I did not pick aldo boot for you unfortunately....

    My favorite thou Forward Thinker however Turtleneck came first ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I already bought my new winterboots, lol oh man how am i to explain what i need? regard ferom now on and into spring 2011 reading wise. ugh!

  • you need to look up the name not a boots....

  • Though you decided that you did not like them all together.....

  • well ........................... i dont mind high heels but my back to so for heathreasons i have to say no, the others look great but im not for say knee highhboots, that way u cant see my cool jeans LOL

    i liked em all gurl. i did.

    as for the repitive weather boots winter nboots montana it was my man Charlie who was looking for a good pair since he hardly is in MT this time of year lol

  • part of puzzle solved lmao

    the boots i got are by Balzar Footwear, icetex. ive tried to find em online but only in the add, n i think if i link it here ill b in violation of tos.

    i could photo em n upload but i doubt it will allow it lol. ok ill try. hang on

  • Nope. dang,. well if u wanna peek at em check me out on fb name Bente Millek icon avatar angel with horns. photo album stuff this n that. darn size pictures lol

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