Can anyone answer this question please?

  • why in my readings no one ever really see any love relationships or anyone in my life it is always vague and i never meet anyone ....huh? why why why

  • because you leave in dreams and in dreams it is always vague and in dreams you never meet anyone create a love relationship with yourself and then you will get what you want without any reading....:)

  • oh i don't think a reading will produce a love relationship i'm not delusional far from it i mean i just read so many people post and i think about the few i've had and never really touch on that unless i specifically ask and it's always something like you will find someone in a year just an observation

  • or i understand that... the key is after all to be true for yourself and then the universe provide you it might be not what you imagine but it will be somebody that you can be with just need to pay attention... reading will be helpful only if you have specific question to answer...but I do not think that reading can predict meeting someone .. or I might be wrong... anyway just a reflection about your question...It happend to me once I was asking the same way like you did Why WHY why and you know one good friend answered me because you are here 🙂

  • soulconfusion, thank you to visit my topic, i did not mean to offend you I just wanted to answer for your question because I am here 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

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