Captain can you do a compatibility reading?

  • I am born on June 5,1974 he is born on August 11,1971. We dated when we were young and have recently reconnected.

  • Your friend will want to be the boss of this relationship, in whatever form it takes. A bloody battle for supremacy can be waged here with an overall attitude of 'take no prisoners!' The major problem will be your old friend's dominance and whether or not you can accept it. It's not an impossible task, provided your efforts are appreciated and rewarded. But your inability to keep quiet about whatever is bothering you will often lead to conflict, especially when you accurately accuse your friend of inefficiency or incompetence. You have a way of bringing out his insecurities that may make it difficult or impossible for you two to live together in peace and harmony. Yet your friend does value your judgments and may even come to depend on them.

    Your charm, cleverness and seductiveness may enable you to get your way with your bossy friend, who is tough but has an undeniable weakness for flattery here. Conversely a cycle may recur in which he tries to control you by spoiling you, showering you with gifts, and encouraging you to falsely think you are in the superior position. Should these favours be withdrawn, however, you are likely to feel helpless and defeated, and may respond by redoubling your efforts at seduction and charm, falling into his tender trap. Thus, a love affair or friendship is not recommended here since the level of conflict tends to be high, and honesty and depth of emotion will be difficult to achieve.

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