Doing cards for years

  • Hi, I started reading cards at 13 and now I am 50. I can read them for everyone but myself. When reading for myself I bend the meaning to what I want and not getting the message they are trying to portend to me. Any tips would be helpful.

  • (I've read your other post but felt it best to respond here)

    You are still blind to your shadow side and it clouds the messages you get. The same happens for you in asking for psychic help--you will keep asking again and again. You will get excellent advice but your answer will always be "yes butt". As if you heard but you don't address the issue that hides beneath your "distractions". You connect yourself to an obssession either in love--out of love--looking for love--worrying about love. The wound in you must attract chaos--fear and uncertainty to keep it from dealing with pain you stuffed away in childhood. To be alone WITH YOUR SELF is terrifying because you must live with fear--fear that without distractions the old pain will pop out of the horror box. You've done this so long you are no longer conciese of it. This is why you can not see for yourself because you are not conceise--in the now--with yourself. All your energy is spent outside of yoursef. This kind of giving away of ones power attracts abusers--they know that energy is where they can exhist. The healthy men find you attractive at first--the energy is flattering BUT at some point it is too needy and the way you make them your everything is just too much burdon. Not hearing from someone for two weeks is not a long time yet already it's a crises for you and already you are totaly consumed by it. Spirit shows me a girl looking into a mirror but all she sees is an empty outline--where is SHE?. The only way to heal is for you to face your fear--let go of men long enough to heal your relationship with yourself. You need a man too much and that energy attracts the wrong man--sends the wrong message. The old boyfriend is in no position to feed your neediness. Too much too fast. You need a strong female guide to help you now--to be mothered and learn to mother yourself. You have abandonment issues and safety issues. You do not know how to protect yourself. The male half of your yin and yang is too weak. Pray to the Angel Michael for help in healing. The fifties is the time for healing all wounds--use this crossroads to really address this. LISTEN to advice--read the books and listen to your dreams. You can heal and REAL love will be attracted--I'm seeing the numbers 54 and 56 as being golden--Spirit shows me a road going uphill and a big sunrise and a little girl standing on top arms wide open. You are getting all the right advice but your wound is still in the driver seat. Pray to your guarding Angel to find the woman to help you and please make an apointment with a counselour who specializes in women's issues--particuliarly childhood trauma. You deserve to be loved--really loved--start with loving yourself enough. And if you are saying yes but what about the old boyfriend? Please let those thoughts go--You are throwing your power away. Feel safe and trust in what comes or doesn't--stop gathering pain to feed an old wound that has to be given a voice. Put all your energy into healing YOU--loving YOU and the right man will come. Let go to receive. BLESSINGS.

  • Can I get a reading if I may from both, about six months ago meet B and right after S left for a yr contract. Undecided whihc man is best suited for me

  • I don't know what the old wound is, where do begin? And yes, I hate being alone. I don't know of anyone who does.

  • Begin with the counselor appointment. And you are wrong about being alone--you are confusing being alone with loneliness. Even when you are with a man--haven't you still felt very ALONE at times? Many women and men make room to be alone with themselves and enjoy it very much. You are never really alone--in fact if you focus on one relationship too much--obbsess about the parts missing you actually choose loss over love--you are loved! Choose love. I'm afraid you don't get my words but there is a higher place in your knowing that hears so I'm saying it any way. I feel you are frustrated at not getting the answer you want. Make that appointment--do it as the first committment towards change and love--starting withe loving yourself. BLESSINGS!

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