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  • Can you please put my mind back to focus and self love? After two years in an abusive relationship my x-boyfriend he moved out overnight. Alhtough I was abused mentally and physically I was very much in love with him, obsessed is more like it, and very upset that our relationship was truly over with no recourse of getting back together. On the same day my x vacated our shared living space my highschool sweetheart from 25 years ago called me. He said he wanted to see me spend some time with me and proceeded to tell me what a wonderful person I have always been. His mom has lung cancer that mestatized to her brain, but he was hopeful that the chemo and radiation she was enduring would slow the cancer and give her more time. We spoke on the phone many times for hours on end. We made plans for him to visit me this weekend, with no expectations but two old friends getting together. I lost comminication with him two weeks ago and have not heard from him since. I put off other men interested in me because of these plans. Plus for some reason I feel my energies are out of whack and everyone has deserted me. I try to stay upbeat, but depression is setting in. Can you help me and advise me what I can do to make my situation better. The rest of my life is good, I can support myself without worry. My love life has always been a problem and I don't know why. I put my whole soul into my mates and I always feel short changed.

    I have always been a part of a couple since I was 19. This is the first time that I am alone and it scares me, help

  • Dear LuckySue,

    The first thing that comes to my mind is that you were adbondon by your father and before he left the family he was abusive? I feel that you are very dependent upon sex and thinking that it alone is love. You have not learned the true meaning of giving of yourself on a soul level. Mind, will, emotions. I also feel like you do not offer much support emotionally to the men that come into your life. Honey, you need to do inner work as a healing process for yourself and those around you. I would suggest that you get some spiritual counsling and work with a reiki healer that may lead you to another deeper level or special type of healing. The people helping you will be male and female each seem to have their own area of healing to give to you. Wait before you enter into another intimate relationship, work on yourself first. Than I feel very confident in saying that you will be able to find the love of your life and be married with children before the end of three years. The man that abused you and than left you, will have to endure kama , so do not worry about revenge as the universe and the laws of karma will serve him his due like it does for us all. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing with the healings,


  • You are right about my father leaving, he didn't want to. My mother wanted the divorce and in return he became violent towards her. Can you please tell me about my high school sweetheart his mother with cancer and why he didn't communicate with me after we spent many hours on the phone? My siser and I both have problems with relationships. We blame it on our parents divorce. I have always treated each of my relationships with much love and caring. My problem is I give to much of myself and get dissapointed when I get nothing in return. I don't think of *** as love, it's just that when a relationship turns sour or mean I don't want *** with that person anymore.

  • Dear Luckysue,

    It is odd that he knew your phone number after 25yrs. His mother needs him right now and it has been deceided that he will spend his time with her instead of you. You are needy and so is your sister due somewhat to your upbringing, but you can look back at it and grow from it not become it which sounds like both of you are doing. Giving to much of yourself in a relationship causes the man to start to take advantage of your good nature (you do this so that they won't leave you) than when they do you are of course going to become angry and withdraw yourself from them, which in turn makes them angry, you understand what I'm getting at here. You have to first heal from past wounds (your sister too) and than when you have found enough self love and balance you will have and draw to you a diffrent kind of man and love, more enduring and respectful and lasting. Find a methaphysical church to help you start your healing journey, than re-read my first reading to you and let me know how you and your sister are doing.


  • He contacted me through Facebook. At the time I didin't think much of it because I was so in love with someone else. Someone I did give much mental support to and he used me. I always had to stroke his ego and tell him he was so much better than anyone thought of him. My friend in Gainesville has put me onto a Reiki healer. Elizabeth herself is very spiritual and makes her living as a cranial message therapist. I was always drawn to the underdog and wanting to help them. I have done it with Dan for 12 years and recently Bill for the last two. It's just that Bill had turned into an obsession, one where I disregarded family and friends for. Never again.

  • Dear LuckySue,

    Facebook does reach across the miles and into the future. We all get used by someone or something in our lives at certain times. We have to step back in which you have time to now and ask yourself : What did I learn from this and what will I do diffrent from now on?

    You do leave your family and some friends when you enter into a intimate relationship and marriage. You said that he was an obession which is really not healthy at all for either of you. Be glad that it is over and you can start your healing work with Elizabeth, you can go for the underdog to help them, but you have to know where to draw the line, and let them heip themselves or seek it out from qualifield people. That is why balance for you is needed. That way you will have so much more to offer to the next relationship and know all red flags for yourself and also from them, you will learn to cope with more peace within.

    Peace to you,


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