Can you Share with me ur experiences!!

  • Hello everyone!!

    Hope you all are having a wonderful day. I am person who believes in materialistic aspect or should I say I used to be one. Till now I never personally had an experience with a ghost (which i believe is a residual energy) but few strange things happened at my home. These were rare events like a light switched on its own (could be a technical glitch?) this also happened once with my mom. My latest was there was a power off so the candle was kept in a kitchen area. I went to put something on the stove n really dint notice a flame, now this candle was so close to the stove that i could have noticed even a smallest flicker on it. But when I went back into kitchen the candle was burning with a big flame. (woah may be I missed a small flicker)

    Now these were some practical explanations given by my brain. But I do think an action doesnt repeat itself often or strange things happening over n over again. Am into science but I believe knowing all the aspects lets a person grow immensely. As he ready to face a situation more bravely.

    If you ever faced a situation like mine.. can you share that with me?

  • Hello simplejo,

    I would call the electric company and ask if there have been any problems in your area, you may have faulty wiring if the dwelling is past twenty years old.

    If you supspect that you have a resident energy here are a few clearing things you can do.

    Take sea salt and place it around all doorways and corners of rooms , you can use garlic if you can stand the smell. Buy sage incense and burn it throughout your dwelling at least three times a week to help clear the negative energies.

    Have a Happy Holidays


  • Simplejo, have you lost someone that may be trying to communicate with you? Or did you recently move into the home?

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