Need the genorosity of a reading for insight to relationship woes

  • Can someone please put my mind back to focus and self love? After two years in an abusive relationship my x-boyfriend he moved out overnight. Alhtough I was abused mentally and physically I was very much in love with him, obsessed is more like it and very upset that our relationship was truly over with no recourse of getting back together. On the same day my x vacated our shared living space my highschool sweetheart from 25 years ago called me. He said he wanted to see me spend some time with me and proceeded to tell me what a wonderful person I have always been. His mom had lung cancer that mestatized to her brain, but he was hopeful that the chemo and radiation she was enduring would slow the cancer and give her more time. We spoke on the phone many times for hours on end. We made plans for him to visit me this weekend, with no expectations but two old friends getting together. I lost comminication with him two weeks ago and have not heard from him since. I put off other men interested in me because of these plans. Plus for some reason I feel my energies are out of whack and everyone has deserted me. I try to stay upbeat, but depression is setting in. Can anyone help me and advise me what I can do to make my situation better.

  • My DOB is 03/05/1960

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  • Luckysue, after all that happend to you you need time to be alone and and not looking for new serious relationship. You should take this time to restore your inner peace and let go forgive yourself for your past. For this you need time and more things that you can do for yourself like take yoga classes, meditation, walks.... Good sleep, nice meal... Once you be comfortable to feel happy alone you will know what kind of barrier to make in order to have a healthy relationship with new person....

    I went through difficult break up this year and now I feel much better about myself and everything and may be soon will have a new adventure without looking into the past It took me three months... So if it help for you

  • It's been 5 months for me. The abuser still has a hold of my mind and heart. Waiting for it to pass. It's strength is weakening with each brand new day. I work out on the weekdays, The empty house on the weekends is what torments me. Any plans I make fall apart. It is a forced retreat.

  • Sweetie, if it's a forced retreat, the first and most important thing you can do is stop fighting it. Even though it feels like you're not, part of you is. Until you can surrender that, surrender to the fact that nothing is going according to plan, will your energies align themselves back where they should be.

    The empty house on the weekends needs to have its energy shifted. Sincerely. I'm no expert in Feng Shui by any means, but it is worth looking into.

    As for your ex.... I sigh as I feel the toxic energy between the two of you. As IndependentGirl said, it's not easy but you absolutely must value yourself first.

  • I harbor no ill will towards my x. I was very much in love with him and it tore my heart out knowing I could never be with him again due to his anger problem. If it is toxic it is his feelings toward me. I am afraid of him and can never contact him again. It was told to me to get a gun and protect myself from him. And that was said by a very well known witch in Salem. That is a done deal and I must move on.

  • The empty house on the weekends is what torments me.... That the answer for your question...

    it is in your head still the life when the house was not empty on week-end... So The first step that you need to learn is to let go those old way of about your house and learn to love cherish and enjoy week-end in your house do everything that is different from the past life but once you overcome that negativity from the past your house will be happy pplace to be at the week-end...

    IT IS HARD WORK TO DO, but you can do it just make plans and follow this plans for week-end as you do for your week days. Or if you do not make this plan force yourself to enjoy simple thing in your house on week -end. I wish you the peace in your heart and soul.

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