Is there anyone who could please give me a photo reading?

  • Hello, i was wondering if I could please get a photo reading for my boyfriend and I. Any reading will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Peace, Love, and Light

  • I feel you are a well-matched couple, both capable of getting your own way with each other. Your B/F thinks he is the cleverer one but you definitely have him where you want him. I think you may be rather possessive with him but at this stage he likes that - though if you get any worse, that may change in the future. He feels you look after him and the little boy in him loves that. You feel proud and happy to be seen with him. If he doesn't grow too dependent on you so that you feel imprisoned by his neediness and if you don't get too claiming, I think this can work out quite well. Your B'/F likes to both feel free but also feel that you are there for him and that you trust him. There is definite attraction and affection here on both sides.

  • Thank you very much, i find this to be very accurate! 🙂 Can you tell of any future between us looking at the picture?

  • I think if you keep your communications open and honest and you share yourselves with each other without holding anything back, while working on accepting your individual differences and strengthening your weak points, this relationship will do very well for the long haul.

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