• All my life I have had the ability to just kinda "know things" it started when I was just 5 years old and I dreamt of a fire in my building as it was happening... It continued to be about fires and I could also see spirits until I was around 11 years old. When I told my Mother about this she basically called me nuts and started me on a bunch of phyc meds...

    Most of my premonitions have always been preceded by physical problems... i.e. stomach ache, restlessness, exhaustion and headaches.

    When I was 17 I was in the car with my now husband and had a premonition day dream in which I saw a car coming straight at us littlerally moments before it happened because of the day dream I woke up screaming just in time for my husband to swerve having the drivers side of the car taking most of the impact instead of a full head on collision because of this he was in the hospital in the ICU for 4 days while I walked away with just bad whiplash.

    I have dreamt of babies being born, babies dying, I have been visited by loved ones moments after they have passed before I even knew they were gone. Whenever a full moon comes around my abilities seem to be stronger than ever and if I am around ANYONE I will get visions and feelings about things that will be happening in the near future for them (a year or less) but yet anytime beyond the full moon I have almost no ability to control or guide what I can sense or block out...

    I have tried meditation and spiritual guidance, I have tried visiting so called physics who until I tell them have no clue...

    I have had 4 physics walk up to me on the street and ask me if I knew that I have a gift and that I have escaped death 5 times now...

    I am just unsure what to do with this all... Am I supposed to use this for something particular and if I am how do I learn to work with it so it is not so out of control and random...

    Oh and then when I was pregnant with my 2nd son my Mom confessed to me that she too used to have my exact same abilities and that basically because it scared the living daylights out of her she blocked EVERYTHING out... even though from time to time she will still have a premonition dream.

    Any advice/insight is greatly appreciated...



  • Wow, You must be super intuitive then. I"m kinda unsure about what to say. You are blessed...and well, cursed. I am sorry that you are having horrible dreams. Have you gone to a doctor at all? Like a neurologist.

  • yes I have seen 3 neurologists because of the migraines that a premonition brings on because at one point (prior to the accident) the migraines were so severe that they cause a pseudo seizure (it looks like a real seizure but does not cause brain damage) the first doctor could find nothing wrong second same and third same...

    Apparently this runs in my family because once when I talked to my Grandpa about it he told me that my Grandma used to have dreams like mine as well though he never mentioned any of the other stuff... and it's funny that you call it cursed because that is how i have ALWAYS referred to it as... my curse...

    I RARELY get positive dreams/visions they are almost always negative things that will be happening... I NEVER remember my dreams UNLESS they are profetic...

    I am extremely intuitive and that is why I work from home because my best ability is sales and filling others needs plus it keep me away from people most of the time so I do not get drained... though every time someone hears about my ability it spreads like wildfire and EVERYONE wants me to "read them" sometimes I can read a person and other times I can't... I have found the only way for me to give my best readings is to have my friend Kate do the tarot cards and to just meditate as she reads them and if anything pops up for me to give further insight with this method I am 99.999% right I have only been wrong once this way out of about 30 readings for friends/family and that was on my cousin getting pregnant in the next year (which the year was over on 8/30/08)

  • Oh... one other thing the only way I get positive signs are through a feeling... like waves washing over me... it's hard to explain... depending on where it starts gives me an indication of what the feeling means...

  • Oh, wow. That's interesting...I'm still unsure about what to say.

  • Hello Questioning,

    What you do have is a gift. Your mother obviously had it too. Unfortunately because it scared her so much she denied it and when you told her about your gifts she tried denying that too and blocking it with drugs.

    I'm not sure if you are 'supposed' to do anything with this ability. I don't believe in that. After all a gifted mathematician doesn't have to do math, and a gifted athlete doesn't have to be in sports or competition. Therefore a giften physic does not need to use that gift either. But it is very much a part of you and you should learn how to integrate your gifts and talents into your 'being'.

    I have gifts of intuition but not like that. But I do know some people with the same or similar talents as your own. You've should try to accept and recognize that these gifts are part of you and make an effort to know and understand them. Most places have spritual churches or spiritual societies where people of varied spiritual gifts can get together, discuss, and learn. I would look on the Internet or phone book for some in your area. If you are not having luck finding any, then look for people advertising Reiki healing or even tarot or palm reading. They are generally in the know of who to contact for spiritual or psychic guidance.

  • Afternoon Questioning, I was told many times that I had gifts and I should work on it. But I always said "Oh I don't want to know about bad things." Well after being around several people when I moved to Mo. And believe me I listened a lot before I even asked things. And I married someone who had gifts. I learned that not everything is written in stone and that your interpretation may not be as litteral as you think it is. So far the feelings and messages I get are warnings. And I find its to give someone choices. So mine haven't been tramatic. I don't get the same kind of heads up your receiving so I am not and have never been afraid. When I was younger I didn't even know what was going to happen I just knew if the feeling was ignored something would happen. Most of the time it was enough that people listened. On other occasions I was ignored and the car broke down. But not a fatal message.

  • Hi Questioning, My name is Dalia (not my real name). I feel the same as the others, I feel you have a gift. I would like to be able to talk w/you about me and if you get anything from me. Let me know. If you need to ask me anything that's ok.

  • I am utterly fascinated with gifts and phenomena like this! I have the answer to alleviate your pain maybe lift your spirits. Surround yourself with people who have beautiful souls.....You deserve and need it. Peace to you....

  • Questioning, I have the same abilities....I have felt earth quakes before they came and the death of people. I can go on and on about the things I have predicted since I was a little girl. I always had this knowing. I am thinking it really started when I had a high fever when I was a girl and then I had this outter body experience. I believe it's in the genes. I have family members who are the same. I have been working with someone who has really helped me develop my abilities. I figure that I am given this gift for a reason and I am going to develop it and I am asking the creator to show me what I am suppose to do with it...if anything than just to have it. Email me at

    and I can talk with you about developingit.

  • Hey Questioning,

    Wow, that's a profound and loaded question. I don't think it's something that can really be replied to in a public forum (it sounds more like the lead in to a complicated conversation!). I was looking for a way a way to private message you but it doesn't look like that's an option (I'm new around here).

    I have so many questions that would need to be clarified so that I can help you... What do you mean by "I tried meditation"? What do you want from this gift? Do you want like your mother for it to disappear? Do you want to be able to use it to help others? Do you just want to get it under control? Have you read or studied anything on this? If so what, by whom? Etc. Etc.

    I agree with the others, this is a gift or talent that you have. I also agree with you that it's no good to you out of control.

    I believe it is possible for you to gain control of it and make use of it, but I think it will take time and discipline on your part. I also don't believe you need to be trapped with negative premonitions.

    I was going to suggest you contact me seeing as I can't PM you, but I know this is an older post and a few people have suggested you contact them so you might not need someone to help you anymore. If you do want to talk, feel free to email me anytime (megan@limitlessliving.ca).

    As far as short term advice goes... ask yourself what you want from this gift and how you'd like to use it. If you spend some time pondering that I'm sure teachers and methods to gain control will be presented to you. Just be aware that it's been raging uncontrolled for years now, and it will take time, practice, and discipline on your part to reign it back in.

    Hope that helped.


    Megan Potter


  • That is quite interesting, I think that most of us gifted folk are often called crazy by family members or others, however, when you become an adult and are able to recite exactly what they said to you as a youth, they are amazed and can't help but admit you are right! Your mom and others are scared of the gift, it is on you to accept your gift and nothing is easy. What I think happens is that we can block it due to such criticism, me I can't help it cos it is quite powerful and I even beleive in demons, devils, spirit of xmas, satan, angels and aliens and that I have always been a dreamer. Bewitched was a favorite show, yet remember while folk are scared to admit that there are things out there not understood it is also mentioned about witches/warlocks in the bible! Once you sit back and relax and accept the total you with the gift you will feel at ease. take care and quit letting that person bother you who is so friggin annoying! haha, mysticwarlock sends

  • I agree that you have a gift, and I know it might seem at first like a curse. Once you get it under control you will soon realize that it is a blessing. I have had many experiences as well, I can relate with the headaches, smell's, another person feeling's,pain-especially my husband's, as he is ill alot. I also have experienced hearing voices that sound like a static radio or the voices sound like they are real low or far away. I have even seen faces or energies that look like a sonogram picture of a baby in a fetus. So, I do wish that you will find peace as I do know that we all have these gift's for a reason and it can do wonderful thing's for people who are sick or needing closure! If there is anyone who know's what kind gift's I have and what they are called? Please feal free to comment.... Love Often, Live Alway's... Life is too short not too....

    Devine Evanescence

  • Hello,

    I think that if you want to get closer to your own abilities, you are going to have to stop thinking they are a curse and instead a blessing. I can see why you have always thought it was a curse and that comes from all the previous generations in your family who have blocked it with fear. but I feel you are different and therefore you should break the past patterns and start using your gift for the better of the world. It will happen if you allow it to happen.

    I feel you are an Indigo, like myself and many others. Have you ever heard about the term Indigo kids or adults? If not, i say you read about it and let me know what you think about it.

    Love & Peace,


  • Hi Jessica, my name is Janeanne. I just started on the forum tonight, but have been on this sight for a really long time. Yours was the first post I saw that had anything to do with why I am so bothered. I had a prem on the night my brother committed suicide and even though he wasn't dead from what the report said, I had them all evening at work so i lfet and then it wa like this huge black death that laid over the top of me when i got into bed. It wouldn't move so I could use the bathroom until 6am, and then my mom called and she told me. So today, I am having more of death ones. about my dad. I know it's going to be some kind of failure of the heart, and he isn't just going to pass away. It will take like a minute, or enough for the body to rest, and it'll be at his supper club after hours. I am so scared for one losing my dad when he is my best friend is crazy to me, and to have had such hard ship between us cause of his wife. I want to know if I am going to be there when this happens, and I also know it's going to be this year. Is there anyway that I can get more detail and accurate detail to what is going to happen. I am not afraid to see what will happen, it's what I don't know about what will happen to my daddy that scares me. I need to be there and I need to get more and better prems or at least understand them better. any suggestions please let me know. Thanks


  • And even though I have little to none, but I have enough to see and hear and protect. ect. I don't get why people would ever judge you. If I could help someone out and know they would have such a peace of mind I would beg Jesus to give me your gift. If I didn't suffer having a prem that my dad is going to have a type of heart failure sometime this year but not the spesifics, WOW I sure wish someone would tell me what day and will I be there. So for all of you that have people make rude comments, I will do the opposite and say a prayer for you all.



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