Is there a chance?

  • I have always been alone, i'm afraid i'll always be alone too. Never had a real boyfriend and i'm in my early 30s. Obviously there is something wrong with me that i repel any guy i like. There is a guy who broke my heart this passed spring who is now friends with me again and available and i want so much to get close to him and be with him but for this thing that it seems, since i was little, any guy i like no matter what, never quite likes me back the same way or there is just a big huge missed opportunity that shows itself in hindsight.

    I must say i have had people tell me things that didn't come to pass, even remotely. I seem to be someone that is hard to read. Though i am hoping someone is up for the challenge? What do you see for my love life, will i ever have a happy healthy loving mate with whom i'll have children with in a loving trusting relationship and all that warm fuzzy stuff.

    I really get drawn to guys sometimes who i know i've had passed life relationships of some sort with, yet a couple have turned out to only be around me for healing and moving on or teaching, yet this one is a different feeling then those. On paper this guy and i don't' look so spiffy together yet my heart keeps telling me not to give up. I would wait (not that any other guys are calling me for dates) fro this guy too but logic is arguing also he's too young (early/mid20's), etc ect... what complicates matters is of course the distance part.

    I'm sorry to be all over the page here, but to sum up i'm asking for an objective opinion on this guy and i if there is a possible future for us together, and if not ... will i ever seek that which i have searched for all my life . My bday is feb 2 77 his i'd post on request.

    Before someone says you find when your not looking, that's how i missed several possible chances with different people. Oh one think i'd ad is we seem to have a communication issue in our time knowing each other but i have been working on it from my end .

    Thank you very much to whomever responds. Thank you.

  • Oh just want to ad, i'm not 'afraid' exactly of being alone i just really really don't care for it. Not what i came into this life for.

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