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  • Can anyone tell me when I'm going to move past my current feelings of stress and anxiety and find a healthy relationship (maybe not even romantic, but just a good friendship or something). I am extremely lonely. Also, can anyone tell me how I should handle my music career vs college? I feel a strong pull towards my music but I am afraid of screwing my future up by focusing on it.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Can you provide your birthdate?

  • August 9th, 1990 and thanks for responding

  • GoldenEgg3, you are here to learn how to do things your way and to be true to yourself by living an authentic life. You mustn't let any need to be popular or have other people's approval make you conform to others' thinking or way of life, because that will not work for you. You must march to the beat of your own drummer, no matter how different he/she is. A conventional life is not for you. You will have to ensure you break free of any dependencies that others may have on you and exhibit a willingness to stand up for yourself if you want to find real success and freedom. You mustn't think you need love or a certain career or money or popularity or whatever to make you happy just because society or your family and friends tell you that you need them. You have to decide what makes YOU happy and go for it, regardless of what others think of your life choices. After all, it's YOUR life.

    You are a democratic, creative, free-thinking and ingenious individual. But sometimes your tenacity can be your undoing. Your tendency to single-mindedness can make your life difficult unless you apply your talents in such a way that you acquire expertise in a specific field of study, research, or endeavour and thus create opportunities for the brilliant breakthroughs promised by your karmic path. Though your considerable efforts should pay off in the long run, you must always take care to develop yourself beyond your particular set of gifts or your dedication may only stand in the way of your higher development. Don't neglect your spiritual side in your drive for material success. Otherwise fate will create just the kind of disruptive, surprising, and sometimes unwelcome changes you need to get yourself off the treadmill and back onto the spiritual track.

    It may be difficult for you to maintain steady relationships since it is not human contact you are interested in as much as a given field of study. You will need to periodically retreat, meditate and recharge before reemerging into the fray of your outer life. Your life will rarely follow a straight line and it may be many years before you settle down long enough to devote yourself to one particular field. The choice of an intimate partner can be problematic if you follow your impulses to seek those who are as unusual and fascinating as you are (often the wrong type of individuals). Unassuming, more stable individuals would seem to be better choices but whomever you choose, they will have to show great tolerance of your tendency to chafe at any form of restraint, as you flit from one experience to another, tasting all the pleasures that life has to offer. Because of your rather nervous tendencies, you are best off to avoid unstable types who will feed your own reckless fire. Sudden sharp and somewhat painful breaks in relationships may become the norm for you until you stop finding contentment a bore and allow yourself to be consistently happy. Deep down what you really want is to be in love and adored, and share centre stage with someone who returns your passion. When you're getting the love and attention you crave, you're okay. But, as loving and generous as you are, you do have some ego problems. You will probably outgrow them but until you do, you will need to find a partner who can put up with your attention-seeking antics - or worse, irrational acting-out. There may be a sore spot inside you that can't quite heal, a childhood memory where someone or something long ago had a serious effect on your personal pride and sense of worth, your ability to relate to other people, and to give and receive love. Others see much more in you than you see in yourself, you know. You can be brash, blustery, narcissistic, and self-aggrandizing just to cover up how bad you feel about yourself. You are very good at driving others away with some ferociously controlling and emotionally manipulative antics or by always focusing on the negative. This 'love-me, hate-me' syndrome messes you and everyone else around you up. Yet you can also be so romantic, loving, ardent, and impossible to resist when you are in a good mood. You are loaded with talent and creativity but, as soon as someone starts to believe in you, you reveal your dark side to make them run for cover. You need to probe into your obsession with your own pain which makes you push away those who want to love you, and your fear of being held too closely even though you need it. Spending time with like-minded people, openly expressing your unorthodox ideas and visions of the future, will attract lovers who can also be friends and give you the support you need.

    Your multiple talents are suitable for working with groups of people as you can see how to promote open and harmonious cooperation. You are capapble of doing what's best for the group as a whole. Idealistic causes and humanitarian goals are right up your alley. You are good in positions that require objectivity: scientist, astrologer, electrician, technician, computer expert or any occupation where the ability to see the future and bring it into the present is an asset. Broadcast work in radio or TV, acting, teaching, bodywork, writing, psychotherapy, or business are other fields in which you have innate talents and where you can use your charisma, high standards, and expressive energy to produce excellent results. Anything that brings innovative ideas, fresh insights, new perspective and information to the public is suitable for you. Carl Jung and Ernest Hemingway for example had your particular profile.

    Whatever you choose to do, allow your innate but often hidden wisdom to guide you. You have all the answers you need within you.

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  • Ah, thank you so much. A lot of this was eerily accurate. All of it applies to my life, though. I am with a strict family and they aren't supportive of me being a musician. I also have a bad habit of driving people I love away by being overemotional and brash. I hope to use this as a guide. Thanks again.

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