Does he love me?

  • i am with a scorpio as a casual relationship for a while, i love him very much even though its on casual basis..i dont see anyone else other than him...he said he doesn't love me but his actions when he is with me says something else...he gets kinda controlling over things in a good way..telling me to do the right things and some signs of jealousy ...when he kisses me ..its very seems like he is controlling himself and tries to prove on one side that he is not into me and on the other hand seems like he is testing my love for really confused..,even though he says he doesn't love me..but he always says he likes me very much....i know there are some barriers between us.,which is somethings in future which will come in the way of us if we become partners.......and that barrier could be pretty, is that why he is controlling himself ???? please if someone could help he hiding his feelings or he is not in love or he doesn't know?????

  • It is the Scorpion way to control themelves and especially others. I feel this man feels lust but not love for you. Scorpions can be jealous and possessive even if they don't love you - they just don't want anyone else to have you. They are very private people but like to know everything about everyone else while revealing little about themselves. I feel this will not end well for you if you continue to see this man. He will become more and more controlling and possessive of you and - without any love on his part - it will be just a brutal enslaverment. get out before he drags you further down. You are obviously not happy now and it won't get any better. I also feel he has several other women in his life as he is very lusty.

  • i dont think its the lust..,because unlike other guys i have dated, he cares least about sex....he will cuddle and kiss me without any lust....likes to be with me and talk

  • So there is no sexual relationship?

  • there is...he is gentle ...but he isn't crazy about it..

  • He really doesn't sound like a Scorpio, then. Maybe that's why he has other women - perhaps he senses you would be put off by him if he came on too strong sexually. It's a very rare Scorpio that has no interest in sex.

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