Friends of Bastet/ Archaic roots; Ourselves," Yesterday/Today"

  • For, ChrissiCat/Her "seed" let's, start with Amenophis the Third; let's do, alittle researching; see, what we (all) learn, see, if "we" connect, "remember", etc., and, how, that may effect/affect, who "we" are, today! Why, wait, "to Reincarnate" after, this life? why not (Karma......) start, today! All, are welcome! Cat in the Moon

  • 'spent, a few hours, "visiting" AmenophisIII(Amenhotep III), Akhenaton(Amenhotep IV) Hetshepsut, and some "little clicks/links" along, the way! currently, on my way, to visit" Queen Tiye"(wifey, of "THE III", and mommy, of "THE IV) you ladies, don't really think, 3 babes, that just met (recently) in "cyberspace" just happen, to all, be "attracted", to the same (18th dynasty, plus, or minus, one...) time, place and "PEOPLES" (etc., etc., etc.,........) do you? shall, we say/consider, Karma/Reincarnat......, ? what, do you, think! Hugs, Cat

  • Dunno, I knew I was somewhere in Ancient Egypt, but didn't know when but got some info here that if I meditated on it I might get some answers as I wanted to find out about all of my past lives, I got a vision of being in a temple corridor, not very well lit, and shadowy and hearing somebody shouting He's coming he's coming, and running down this corridor, and hearing the name Amenophis III , funny thing though as a young teen we had a school trip to the British museum, and a few of us went to the Egyptian galleries where I recognised some of the pieces as if I'd known the people that owned them, and there was a statue of Sekhmet there which made some of the girls nervous but didn't me, she was sort of nice feeling but after that some of the girls were nervous of me too, I didn't know why either

  • Greetings ChrissiCat! ' have to research, "Sekhmet"; why, were, your classmates, afraid(of you..) after, your "recognition" of Sekhmet, in the, Museum? also, I thought, this might be, a good "place" to also, converse, about: Celtic, Nationality/Geneology, Wicca, etc. and, to introduce, "Hopi (HOE-p) Indians/Chaco" (web addresses, later) which, I believe, will be, of some interest, in the meantime, discovered, (see either: "Ulster Griffins/Scots") prior to early 1600's, are, in reality, Scots, from the "tip(of Scotland), at the Sea; my Father, was, unaware, also; My, WONDERFUL, Stepfather (Wallace/Kilmarnik, mournfully, deceased, 15 years, now...) and, as it turns out, my Father, could have been, Kin, I love that! "learning" about, Wicca/Wiccans, found 'Alexandrian", 'liking, all of this! Thank you, so much! Is, your web site, to sell, on line? Is it Wiccan Crafts, etc? I ask, my Mother, has acquired, Friends, (New Mexican pro- tarot reader, possibly Wiccan, with a shop, in Albuquerque, she might, have "interest" in purchasing, if, it's, right "market" here.......Hugs, Later, Cat

  • Uuuhhhhh ancient egypt ................. how i miss it at times. the talks the long nights philosophying ...............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the tales i could tell oh my word

  • funny, huh? "Great Minds" meet, same topic, same place, same time! pretty cool! within 7minutes, of each, other! That, does sound, so good! doesn't it?/Evenings on the Nile, Moonlight, through, the columns! ' have to, reseach, Sekhmet( and Denmark/Danes, etc, "school" long time, past; in the moment, "my Danish", is a "delightful pastry", to go withcoffee/tea etc., YUM! ' wish I had one, right now! Is there, "someone" special, for you, that you haven't (or someone, hasn't mentioned) as yet, mentioned, form, "our" (roughly)18th Dynasty, time? Hugs! Later..... Cat

  • Yeah Ramses the Great and i was at the Cleopatra´s court at some point n trust me when i say her socalled son Caesarion was NOT Caesar´s son contrary to the belief and evidence left behind. Politics ruled and what is better to show the world n countries n citizens that Caersarion descends from Caesar who is a halfgod as he believe his family descended from venus, and Cleopatra who believed as Pharaoh a Goddess on earth in live form, their son would be all God. Makes better press n politics than saying Caesarion is the bastard child of second in line after Caesar for the rule of the empire rome.

  • are you, a historian, by chance? let's, stick/stay to, Montana, on "Bygones", for the moment, Charmed; we, can, play ancient later (Hi! ChrissiCat), I think, Montana, is, must be, important Cat

  • Ok ByGones it is LOL Montana mmmmm reminds me of Denmark but so does Pa lol

  • Charmed, did that mean, as I always suspected that Caesarion was Mark Anthony's ?

  • No Chrissi. Caesarion was in fact the son of Octavian. All the while Caesar lived Octavian strived to outdo him. And as long as Caesar lived Octavian was not gonna get the seat as heir n by it was he single n had no legit kids. Once Caesar was murdered ( another nice tale but thats a diff story heheheheh ) Octavian rised n soon was married. Then politics started to play in. Any kids looking like him or n Caesar could claim the seat as emporer dictator of empire Rome. Afterall Octavian was remote related to Caesar but not as historians claim. Octavian was a shrewd devious character. Made sure the original files of his heritage was "lost" for good. fake ones was smuggled in n replaced. Non the wiser. next in step was any who could claim Rome as his even for someone. hence the war on Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.

    To win had Octavian studied all files of Sulla. How he lead war, how he did politics. Hence why he was loathed and hated the first years. Also why Caesarion was murdered, why Marc Anthony was shamed to honorable suicide like the greeks in the troyan wars. falling on own sword.

    Its also why I believe Octavian had Cleopatra murdered. Cant have alive witnesses of truth around. Once all those who could damage n claime Rome as his was gone, Octavia switched to the peaceful righteous ways of Julius Caesar. Its so odd that NO historian stopped, puzzled over the 180 degree from a loathing warfericious unyielding icecold coldblooded killer to what many term as the peacefullest, prospering reign of Caesar Octavianus. That Octavious changed over night and all in all Roman lands he was forgiven n loved not to mention revered.

    The biggest lie n laugh i get is that he in the many years after proclaimed himself the cleaner of corruption and conspiracies of Julius Caesar, avenger of their God. What better light is there than having a decrepit Senat, all scared to hell more or less old men to say yes to sanctify Julius Caesar as god. What better politic term legacy is it if you can proclaim, im in family with a true god? The few that knew kept quiet, n those that dare suggest otherwise found themselves dead soon after. trust me, he may have shown as peaceful easygoing as Julius Caesar, but behind that false facade, had Octavian secretly resurrected Sulla´s politics proscriptions, meaning lists of who was to die - the very same that almost befeld Julius Caesar when he was a young lad.

    Many would say Octavian was the start of a long long life of many descendants of Julius Caesar. BUt they forget to many who do know the truth even today, was n is Octavian the start of the end. Easy to keep a peaceful reign when theose that think utter anything truthful dies.

  • thought the story of the asp was too simple even poisonous snakes sometimes don't kill as some can be resistant to the poison and so how could she be certain she would die quickly beforer she was found, and something always told me not to like Octavian, now I know why

  • Yeap. u sure do.

  • just like all politicians, they have to have their own way and if they don't there's usually someone who suffers, and always someone else gets the blame for anything going wrong

  • Well hell aint crawling with lawyers but wil politicians lol

  • well lawyers seem to change into politicians here, our last government was crawling with them and it was ****, so you're right both ways

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