Shuabby or anyone available please?

  • Had a slightly stressful and expensive couple of days....

    First my favorite cat, my girl that puts a smile on my face each and every day has a condition that I may have been responsible for and I'm hoping she will pull through with no ill effects or reoccurrences.

    Today the gas company replaced my meter and he didn't want to test the furnace before he left. It wouldn't turn on, so after I made the call I decided to make sure my t-stat was ok (no sense in paying for a service call if it's that simple). In the process of testing it, I broke a wire. I was very lucky that the same guy came back - he was down the street - and fixed what i broke and all is well with that - and I hope without an expensive bill.

    Then I was working in the attic and as I came down and closed the door behind me, something slipped and jammed itself behind the door. It took my dad and I two hours to free it and we ended up having to drill a hole in the (vintage) door to push the item back. Really, I could not have done a better job if I tried LOL

    Between the two I feel like I chased my tail all day!

    Next week I start two new jobs. I feel pretty good about them although neither is my "ideal" job - but i do feel that they are a good fit for me at this time.

    I would like to know if these jobs will work out the way I hope - enough to pull me through the winter and pay down some bills - and how my girl will be?

    I am recharging right now by finishing the leftover turkey mom gave me - no more attic or electronics for me tonight LOL. Troubles for me always come in 3's so I am hoping that is my 3 for awhile!

    Thank you for anything you can see.....

    Much love and blessings to all,


    (in hindsight it IS a little funny but I was sure not laughing when I realized what happened in the attic - NOW I can LOL)

  • ps - in general things are not going badly, I did get the two jobs last week (I actually had 3 and had to quit one before I started), then I logged onto a forum to try and sell some stuff to find out they had already been talking about shirts I've done for the in the past and have a box full of still (which wasn't what I was trying to sell as I had forgotten about them!). So I know my finances will work out in the end - they always do and I am very lucky that way!

    It's just harder to find something I am really happy with due to the economy and that is one thing I have discovered over the last 10 years - I'd rather have less money and be really happy with what I do, then make an abundance and be miserable and feel trapped. Took me a month to find these and I'd like to settle in for awhile and be able to poke around and pick up some long term clients while working these jobs.

    Just more hoping that my streak o'3 is just that - done for now! 🙂

    Ate too much of that turkey but boy was it good!

    Much thanks,


  • Hello YellowDaylily,

    in answer to :First my favorite cat, my girl that puts a smile on my face each and every day has a condition that I may have been responsible for and I'm hoping she will pull through with no ill effects or reoccurrences.

    If this was feeding her something out of the norm and she got sick than yes she will be fine. I feel her energy and she feels strong willed and wants to stay with you as long as she can, she has a strong love for you also. Is there something wrong with her foot or paw the left one as I feel a tenderness there?

    Your 3 streak is over for awhile rest assured on this.

    The jobs will carry you through for awhile ( 6months manybe longer) and you will gather new clients from them as you are hoping to. I hear a Jake, and John and Emily here to assist you in very positive ways very soon. You are so right about having enough to get you by and not wanting to feel traped and overworked for $$$$$ sake. Many take a lifetime to learn that lesson.

    We are chewing on chicken left overs today , just as good if not better than yesterday.

    You may need to take a sea salt bath to relax you and ward off any negative vibes from the 3's.

    Enjoy your evening


  • Ugh, I just wrote a whole response and hit submit and it's gone!

    Anyway, yes, from the list of possible causes I believe the reason she developed this was due to me not cleaning their auto waterers enough! So stupid. They are suck a pain to clean but the cats love them and told guy can't tip them over. In the meantime I put down a couple of heavy bowls that I wash out a couple of times a day.

    I am glad you are feeling her strength - she is my rock! As for her paw - 2 years ago I was closing my hope chest and she popped her head in as I was doing so. It happened so quick I couldn't grab the top in time to keep it from closing on her paw. 😞 She lost a nail from it which eventually grew back. She didn't have any visible limping after the first night but it wouldn't surprise me if it bothers her now and then - it's a heavy top. I had her checked out and they said she was fine, just pretty bruised. Took her a few months before she stopped leaving the room when I opened it, but now she is fine with it (and I sure watch for her).

    Thank you so much for your reassurances on her and work. She is my true angel, with me through thick and thin, yet very strong and independent. The job front is just what I was hoping for.

    The bath sounds heavenly! Night is wonderful, got my sold shirts all sorted out and my girl is draped across my legs. Just waiting for a movie to finish downloading.

    Much love to you Shuabby for your kind words. Hope you enjoyed your chicken. 🙂


  • Oh geez - the original post didn't have the spelling errors

    The waterers are SUCH a pain to clean and THE OLD guy can't tip them over.

    The movie is hung up on the download and the old guy plopped himself down on my girls head, now they are both purring side by side next to me - so nice........ love my kids.....

    G'nite all.


  • I'm very sorry to but in. i just love to read Shuabby's readings that's why I'm noisy.

    But I'm stuned by what's said about "3 streak". Wille I was in a relationship with my ex boyfriend, the number 3 was always present in everything. Including with my brothers passing. My family and I noticed it. Just think it's "our number". But then with my ex, I thought It was a sign given by the univers showing good in relationship (or something in that nature) not sure realy. Also, Since I can remeber going back as a child till I say months ago, I would always wake up at 3am.

    if you don't mind Shuabby, can you please enlighten me with some info on this?? =

    I'm sorry again for budding inn...

  • Dear sweetoty,

    You might want to ask Hans as he is much the expert where numbers are concerned.

    I do know that at 3am is when you will re-enter the body from astral traveling and dreaming. 3am is connected to the spirit relm.


  • Shuabby,

    okay thank you anyhow for replying 😃

  • Well it's been a terrible few months with my boyfriend. His son had come to live with us....while we were completley renovating a house he had bought. This boys caused so much trouble that David and I had to break up. I still love him, but don't see how we can work it out. It was a 5 year relationship. Will the pain ever go away

  • Dear sunnyone2u,

    It seems the sun went down on this relationship when his son moved in. The boy has a scattered and confused energy with him, is he fifteen years old? You really did not have the knowledge to deal with this young man. Therefore, you left.

    I feel your love for this man is still strong and if you want to have him in your life , his son would still be on the menu, so you would have to go into counsling to gather knowledge as to how to cope with him, the boy would also need to gather some knowledge himself and his father feels rather in the middle and lost as to how to slove this matter. I'm going to recommend that you read the book. Awakeing to the Reconnection. Written by Joanne Pardy.

    Yes, the pain will go away when you gather spiritual knowledge to help yourself.


  • Hi Shuabby, last night I was looking through classifieds again, something I rarely do after getting a job, but I do want to continue to seek out clients. More clients with less hours rather than my eggs in 1 or 2 baskets so to speak. I see another one that is closer to home, still full or part time and they claim "excellent and highly competitive wages" (which is certainly relative). I am actually going to send a resume out and see where it leads me. The old me is saying, "that is inconsiderate of the people you have not even started with yet!", but the new me is saying "take care of yourself!". I wasn't going to, but this morning something just told me to do it anyway.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    Much love,


  • Shuabby - how many of those baths should I take? LOL

    Cat is fine - actually the owner of the practice was a bit miffed at what I was put through (AND they didn't give her a physical like I asked, so he did it for me on the recheck).

    But the furnace died again yesterday, guy came out, found the problem.

    Last night it is dead again. So I am waiting for them again. No idea if my energy assistance program covers repairs - and not that it matters, it will eventually get cold enough that I need the heat no matter what. Yikes.

    Another bath tonight? At least the water heater is working well!

    Hope you have a great day - much love,


  • Dear YellowDaylily,

    Love your sense of humor about the baths, so funny.

    Only take them when you feel overwhelmed by negative happenings in your life.

    Good that you sent the resume since your intutition told you to do so. I feel you will hear from this company but there seems to be a bit of a glick in how the money will be received, like commission involved.

    I feel the switch to the furance needs to be replaced as I see a lack of current reaching the switch or there is a wire loose close to it.

    So glad to hear that the kitty is doing well and she got her physical too. You may want to go back to the orginal bowls of watering and feeding as than you just pick them up everyday and clean them and put down fresh food and water as I do that for my cat.

    Good hearing from you,

    Love back to you,


  • Hi Shuabby! 🙂

    The repairman just left, really nice guy but he can't explain what he did to fix it - he has no idea! He ended up removing some stuff from the wiring loop to help with future troubleshooting and told me how to test the tstat if it happens again. Hopefully it will be good for awhile (which is what I thought yesterday LOL). At least it's not too cold out right now.

    I am going to have to put one of the auto waterers back in service as I can tell some of them liked to drink higher up. If I put the bowls on a stool or something they'll end up spilt. Maybe I can make something with a hole in it. I looked at stuff like that in the store and wow - $$$$$$$

    I start both new jobs this week, Thursday and Friday plus we have an event this weekend for the other job so I've got hours there as well. I hope I make it through December, I've had 2-3 weeks of very little income right now and do NOT want to borrow from my parents, despite how upset my dad was the other day for me cutting it so close last week. I'm still out there looking for more work, and I talked to one of the jobs in length about yes, I want to work more this winter while I am in a slow time with my other job, BUT I don't want it to bite me come spring like it did last year with the job I lost. If that will be the case, I will get a one day a week job to fill the gap until then. He assured me it would not be an issue as he's known how my schedule is for the last few years, which is why he approached me. I've known these guys for over 20 years so I do hope everything will work as we agreed upon. I will continue to look through ads and place my own, something I stopped doing in 2009 when I got 2 PT jobs - lesson learned! Always build more clients. Now I have not much for clients and on-site jobs and I'd like to flip flop that!

    So I am very excited for my new beginnings this week - and HEAT! And my cat who is off tormenting one of the others. 🙂

    More love to you Shuabby, you are a wonderful person to help so many here!


  • Sunnyone2u, I just created a topic asking if you're still around. Did you read my repsonse and blumoon's response to your question in the other forum? We haven't heard from you and are worried about you. I'm here if you want someone to talk to. I hope you're doing better.

  • Shuabby, not sure if you log in anymore but I thought I would update you on that job I applied for way back when. He called me last week and convinced me to interview with him despite me saying I wasn't available 5 days a week due to my other jobs. There is one job I'd consider replacing but it's only 2 days a week.

    Great place, yes closer to home, awesome interview but...... he still wants 5 partial days a week. The hours would be long enough so that I could not really do another job the same day. We never talked money though.

    The way it looks now is I'm going to leave the furthest away job, probably in March or April. I want to keep one of the duties but the other is being a chair warmer and I am really not happy doing that. Plus he now wants me to work 4 days a week - there is not enough to keep me busy for one! It's only 10:30 and I'm so bored I'm ready to eat lunch.

    I'll keep the event job I had last year, it's really fun and the pay is good, we are just shut down right now.

    And I'll keep the other local job I picked up in December, 3 or so days a week. They are really flexible, I like the work and love the people I work with.

    And still look for some more clients. 🙂

    Unless the guy I interviewed with offers me a crazy amount of cash - which I doubt. I'm glad I found this thread though as his ad has disappeared - wish I knew his definition of "highly competitive"!

    Hope you are doing well!


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