Help..."How he feels" 3 card spread

  • Paulaj- I think we have all soooooo been there! Yeah I don't too often read cards for myself, and if I do typically I write them down and go back in a week and reread them... sometimes that helps with my objectivity. I do often discourage people from trying to do their own readings, for that very reason, we get all confused, and doubtful, and then we just make the whole situation worse! I've definately gone back and looked at some old readings for myself and thought man what was I thinking! It's hard to be objective when it's your own feelings and situations. I have someone I go to when I need a reading for that same reason. It only took a Tower, nine and 10 of swords, and death, to convince me I probably needed someone elses help...LOL

    As the years go by I feel a little more comfortable, but I still don't read for myself very often at all. like once every 6 months! LOL

  • LOL!!!! that sounds like a WONDERFUL must have been having a very conflicting moment........

    Bluedawn - you seem very similar to myself in that I won't do a spread for myself, but when I do, I can't look at it right away. Funny that I posted a new post about a spread I did for myself two weeks ago. I wrote it down without even trying to interpret it. If you wouldn't mind, I would love to get your interpretation of it....

  • sure I would love to help if I can, is it posted on this forum?

  • yes - it's in the tarot forum - titled Can someone help me with theis spread - or something like that.....

  • bleudawn - I think that makes sense. I think the reason I'm so paranoid and afraid is that it always seems like it's me who screws up all the time. Like, I read that book 'Love Signs' by Linda Goodman, and I swear it's like the woman has gone through 12 lives as each one of the zodiac signs, because she knows them so well. One thing that stood out in particular was this one thing about Aries women. She basically said that most of us are so open and honest that we are TOO open and honest with the men we're dating. Eventually after a few hard defeats we begin to realize that honesty is not always the best policy. Eventually the aries woman begins to wonder if there's something wrong with her, if she isn't all woman or feminine enough. I read this right as I was beginning to realize the same thing.

    So...I'm trying to change the way that I deal with men, and I'm so lost that I guess I was turning to the tarot cards to make sure I don't screw up again. Because I REALLY don't want to screw up this time. And I figure the only way I'm screwing up is by letting them know too much about how I feel. So now I've been terrified to show any kind of signs that I'm interested. Although, I have let him know that I like must be confusing because I don't know how much of that actually comes across in the way I act!

  • Wow....scr3w is a bad word on this forum? LOL!

  • LOL.. unless you put an 's' on the end apparently!

    Well my mom is an Aries, and my boyfriend is an Aries, and yeah their mouths get them in trouble sometimes. lol. I have often told them, and you may consider this too... it's not the honesty that causes the problem, it's the way in which it's conveyed. You’re a ram; sometimes you just hit people upside the head with it, and then wonder why they duck for cover when they see you coming. LOL. I had to reassure my mom, no one's asking you to hide your feelings, or stuff them down, or be detached and shut down.... But to try to be aware of other people's feelings, insecurities, and such when bearing your truths.

    There's nothing wrong with you or your feelings. I think sometimes Aries has the same issue as scorp in the regards to overwhelming people with their passions. I think maybe you just need to look at how you communicate, and how much attention you are paying to other people's comfort zones and needs. It is paramount you be true about your feelings, and your needs, and wants, but you need to be equally aware of those same things in your partner and other people. So often we want people to listen and pay attention so badly, we forget ourselves to listen and pay attention. With my Aries loves I’ve found they often worry so much what other people perceive about them, they forget to just be themselves. Sometimes because they are aware of a weakness they have they feel as if everyone must be seeing it and judging them for it, this affects the way they hear things and express themselves. Quiet your fear; know in your heart you are a good person. Know that your feelings are valid, and that the universe has put someone out there who will understand you, but you will never find that person who understands if you are hiding, in fear of sharing and being open. There are ways to shelter yourself from risk without closing down, as you build trust with people.

    My mom used to always tell me to think before I speak. I think she was telling herself that as much as she was telling me. So share your truths and your feelings, but think before you speak, listen to what you are about to say, and make sure your words are true to what you are trying to convey. Think about ways to ease people into your thoughts, as some people may feel like you are throwing your thoughts at them, even when that is not your intent. They may feel overwhelmed, and you may pick up on that and experience more anxiety, and then it may just snowball from there. I don’t know this may not help you at all or mean anything, I just know that for me and my Aries’ this process has helped us communicate much better about our feeling, allowing each other time to think before we feel as though we have to respond, so that each of us is sure we are doing the best we can to convey accurately the heart of the need or issue.

    Most of all I have to keep my Aries loves from getting down on them selves. It’s all me they say… and I joke and say don’t flatter yourself… we are in this together, and give em a big hug. So I’m giving you a big hug, and saying you have a good heart in there, It’s worth sharing, so just find a way to be honest and open in a way that’s comfortable for everyone.


  • Wow....I never thought of that. Damn. I have no idea how to fix that, LOL! But I'm going to think on it. I'm going to review my past behavior and see if I sling shot my emotions at people. I think it makes a lot of sense!

    Thank you, bleudawn. You're a sweetheart.

  • :O) my pleasure, thank you~

  • i want to know if this guy quinton curry wants a relationship with me

  • pinkice~ are you asking how to find out..?

  • So, I held off on the relationship spread as long as I could. I didn't do another celtic cross, but tried one that someone else made up. So, I'll show you the layout.






    1.How the person presents themselves/how you see them: Hanged man ( a block?)

    2. What they think of you/how they see you: 8 of Pentacles

    3. How they feel about you as a whole: 3 of Pentacles

    4. Something about you that attracts them to you: High Priestess

    5. " " that turns them off: Knight of Swords

    6. Interest they have in a relationship with you: Ace of Swords

    The best part about this reading is the knight of swords for 'things that turn them off'. I feel like that really could be what you were talking about, how we just lunge in there and get our information without thinking about how it affects the other person. I've already caught myself about to do it! Thanks again for that advice, I've really been thinking about it and trying to implement it. I've been thinking about me a lot.

    I also find it interesting how, a lot of times, when the question is HIM referring to ME I get a lot of pentacle cards. Isn't that supposed to mean mainly money....? He thinks of me financially?? I tried to interpret this spread, but the pentacles throw me. The swords, I THINK I understand. The Ace of Swords, I read meant swift change. Which, if we did get together, would happen. Or maybe he's thinking there's going to be a lot more change then there actually will be. The only thing I can't decipher is if he is accepting this, or if its holding him back. I know that in the past it did. I think he wanted to live free of commitment. The hanged man I think makes sense. I see him as someone who cannot face change?

  • Pentacles represent the body, the tangible and practical~ not just money.

    1. When this card is reversed you are involved with a nebulous, evasive individual who could, at worst, have a drink or drugs problem, but is, at best, unable to give you what you need or want. While indisputably romantic and sensitive, your partner remains elusive about lasting commitment. This person is unlikely to be ready for a serious relationship, do not be misled, for you will only receive unhappiness if you persist. Sometimes The Hanged Man signifies a lover for whom you must wait patiently. When the time is right you will be ale to get to know this person more intimately.

    Preoccupied with yourself. Stop it. Resistance to spiritual teachings. Arrogance. Efforts on projects are wasted. Loss of something you want or need.

    2. The Eight of Pentacles is the card of apprenticeship. While the seven indicates a time of decision and the revaluation of our financial situation, the eight indicates that a decision has been made and a new creative venture is underway. An apprenticeship is a time of learning new skills, a time of beginning something which one has not previously done. In this sense, the Eight of Pentacles indicates that you are experiencing or about to experience a change or new beginning in terms of work, education, or financial circumstances. However, unlike many of the other cards indicating change or renewal, the Eight of Pentacles symbolises a concentrated determination to master the new skill being learned. Some of the cards that augur change seem to imply that the change will be chaotic, unstructured, or forced upon us either by external circumstances or psychological necessity. The Eight of Pentacles represents the single-minded effort of someone who has consciously chosen a new career path or creative undertaking. This card is the herald of success through perseverance and initiative as opposed to luck or the generosity of others, as is indicated in the Six of Pentacles.

    3. Skill. Work with others. Satisfaction. Practicality. Clear on priorities and commitments. Make most of talents, increase success through continuation of craft or educational pursuit. Promotion or increase. Use of skills to make profit. High achievement. Rising above friends and opponents equally. Being a subject of envy. Perhaps a move of house. Intellectual property. Practical work, done consciously and with commitment may serve as the vehicle for self-development. Plans. The Three of pentacles has all the skill necessary to accomplish your goals in life. You will have the ability to succeed in all your ventures. Want to get things accomplished and to improve the quality of your life or your work. You will have to revamp, redirect or make some alteration in your current work or plans.

    4. High priestess

    5. The Wise tell us to seek balance - the middle path of moderation. Well...the Knights don't agree! They want to do things all the way, not half-way. They push the energy of their suit as far as it will go, maybe farther. That's why each Knight has a positive and negative side. On the positive side, the Knight of Swords is a master of logic and reason. He has a keen intellect that grasps the fine points of any subject. He speaks clearly, directly and always with authority. His judgments are sure and free of emotion. Others rely on his lucid analyses of problems and solutions. On the negative side, this Knight is not a master of diplomacy. He can be downright tactless and rude. When he thinks you are wrong, you'll know it. He's convinced of his own superiority and has little tolerance for stupidity. He expects others to comply with his views. To him, feelings are irrelevant and illogical.

    In readings, a Knight of Swords shows that his penetrating style is (or could be) impacting the situation in some way - as an aspect of you, someone in your environment (man or woman) or the atmosphere in general. Ask yourself, "Is this Knight's energy helping or hurting?" If this Knight's style is evident, then balance is needed. Excess is only helpful in short bursts. Are you always forcing your position on others? Do you get in trouble for saying what you think? Is your partner too cold and aloof? Do your colleagues tend to be critical rather than supportive? It may be time for a change.

    6. In readings, the Ace of Swords shows that a seed of clear understanding has been planted in your life although you may not yet recognize it. When the seed sprouts, it could take almost any form. Inside, it might be a compelling idea, desire for the truth, call to justice, or a need to be honest. Outside, it could be an offer, gift, opportunity, encounter or synchronistic event. Sometimes this Ace stands for a challenge that will test you in some way. Life never goes smoothly for long. Sooner or later a hurdle shows up, and the Ace of Swords can tell you when one is coming. This card is also a reminder to you to face your challenge, whatever it is, with courage, honesty and a firm resolve. In every challenge, there is opportunity. When you see the Ace of Swords, examine your life to see how its clean, sharp energy could work for you. Think about your problem objectively. Look for situations that are unjust or confusing and resolve to set them right. Above all else, commit to being honest and ethical. This card tells you that you do have the inner resources to overcome all obstacles and find the truth of your situation. That is the promise of the Ace of Swords.

    I think you get a lot of penticles with this man because he sees you as a very capable person, someone with a lot of potential, and the abitlity to learn. He sees you physically in the tangible world as someone who can get what they want, be decisive, learn new things, make their own way...kinda person. I think the Ace also backs this up, he admires your courage, your honesty, and your firm resolve.

    I think your observation about the knight is a good one. He loves about you the very same thing that drives him crazy...LOL. So he loves that you are this person, but as we agree just be careful of his feelings and the approach with him. He respects it, he just doesn't want to be hurt by it. I think with whatever issues he is having with commitment, your approach can either make or break that commitment... (hanged man)

    What is beautiful about this reading is the High Priestess. He obviously has a great deal of respect and love for the person you are and sees you carrying the energy of this card. Don't let the knight over run her. especially when dealing with him.

    I think he loves and cares about you, and has a great deal of respect for you. You two just need to figure out how to communicate. I think you've made an excellent start in beginning to evaluate the way you approach him... just keep working on yourself, and be patient with the both of you....

  • Thank you, Bleudawn. Your interpretation actually made me kind of sad. I mean, it's such a nice reading, and that's just it. It's so hard to see these emotions in him, that it's almost like I can't believe what the cards are trying to say. Though, it does give me hope. So, thanks again :D. I'll take your advice. And thanks for sticking with me through this crazy 4 page long thread! ❤

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