Captain could you offer me some advice please?

  • HI Captain, I am starting a new thread for this as it really does not relate that much to the other one. I was going back in my/our history to find out where things started to go wrong and much to my disappointment but not to my surprise I came up with the fact that it started when my husband's son came to live with us after it was suspected that he was involved with a group that train suicide bombers and that - he was literally torn out of his slum life and dumped in our house in my care (2005). I got pregnant with our third child in that period and I turfed him out of the house pretty quickly after threatening my husband that otherwise I would be the one leaving. He is since long gone from this area, he did not want any help fromhis father, he hates me (I amto blame for his misery according to him), he completely abused our goodwill and kindness, and now he is sitting in a prison in Toboga for drug smuggling.

    However my question to you is whether it s his bad energy that is still permeating our lives and making it impossible to get off the ground and just making our house feel like a house and not a home. Funny enough the room he stayed in is now my meditation room and I do not feel any badness in it. I wonder though if he has left a curse with us or something like that, him being also psychic and interested in the dark arts. I just wonder because my husband's dark energy is normally very balanced out by my white energy and all my protectors, but this energy is just not beatable and I have only recently become aware of it.

    Can you offer any insight, or if anyone else reads it can they?

    Thanks a mill,


  • No Paddiflluf, your stepson's negative energy went with him and is not to blame for your current situation. He is too concerned with himself to think about anyone else for very long. Your husband's dark energy is all genrated by himself and the fact that he feels resentful against the world for not giving him a chance to shine, as he sees it. He thinks he is all right and the world and other people are all wrong about him.

  • OK thanks!

  • HI Captain,'

    I wonder if you could help me again? I have this gift of being able to commmunicate with spirits and I feel the need to help people who are grieving so I have put an advert on the best known advertising website here in The Netherlands. Can I ask you for some advice - how can I hone my skills better and where will it lead me? I don't really know where to turn for advice on how to tune in more and am relying on my gut at the moment, and tarot dot com is a great platform but most of the stuff is about relationships and that is not really my field.

    Do you have any advice, help, insight, can you see if it is the right thing to do going on the website here?

    Thanks for your time, I know I should trust myself more but a bit of advice or criticism (positive) is always good.


  • You need to be clear in yourself when you do readings, Paddi. That means dealing with any outer problems so that they don't disturb your peace and cause you to be upset. A reader shouldn't read while they are distressed in any way. You need to be calm and tranquil to be a good reader. Make sure your surroundings are peaceful and undisturbed when you read, and just open your mind and heart to the other side. Don't let any fear or anxiety cloud your mind or influence the reading. Imagine that you are a clear channel or bridge between the worlds. And trust what you receive.

    And since 2011 will be the year of the lightworker - when many who have been living in darkness will be confused and frightened by the sudden influx of light - your skills and advice will be greatly needed. In 2011 we must all step forward to help and pass on what we have learnt. it will be easier to help others because there will be much more proof of spiritual concepts in the events that will be occurring.

  • PS. Relying on your gut is the best way to go. The time for gurus is past - we must be our own gurus now. We have access to all the knowledge we need. Yes it's right to give advice here and elsewhere.

  • And what do you do when the recipient denies all the things you see? I am working with somebody right now and she is denying a lot of stuff but it must be true because otherwise her spirit (dead boyfriend) would not be showing it to me. Should I advise then to think about it for a while?

  • There are some people who will not be able to accept the truth of what you are saying and you cannot make them accept it. That is not your purpose or responsibility. Know simply that despite their denial, you have planted a seed in the recipient that will hopefuly flower at a time when they can accept it more easily or really need it. It's our duty to pass on information - it's up to those who receive to do with it what they want.

  • Thanks very much for your advice, I think my most used sentence is - it is up to you to interpret it.


  • Hi Paddi, I'm going to offer this because it hit me when reading your initial post. A lot of parents have resentment on some level if their child doesn't get along with the spouse or there's some trouble there. Doesn't have to be anyones fault. There's always going to be t hat wedge there. Some parents don't have trouble separating from problem children. Others will never separate from their children. It might help to realize where your husband is at in all of this and try to strike a safe medium somewhere.

  • Captain can't find your follow my dream thread anymore so I thought you might like to know we went over to Ireland this weekend and looked at a couple of places including taking a chance drive past my dream house and what do you know the owner was there and invited us in for a look and discussed buying possibilities and said she would give us the preference vote if we can let her know this week if we want it. I am racking my brains for ideas to raise the money. What do you think, is it for us?

    Iam not giving up on this dream.

  • All I can feel is - the house or the business...

  • Hmm but we kind of need the business to finance the house though the business is still up for sale.

  • I think you will need to sell the business to get the house.

  • Yes that seems to be where it is heading, won't be a bad thing to get rid of it finally and get to start afresh. It is worth quite a lot at the moment, husband for all his bad points really deserves a pat on the back for what he has built up.

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