To- Salem Giles

  • Dear SalemGiles,

    We had a lovely Thanksgiving day and today we are chewing the chicken bones and making a wish with the wishbone. Also, Christmas music and decorations go up and out today, which I enjoy so much. I hope that you enjoyed your day of blessings also if you are in the US.

    I'm sure you do not need much help from me, as soon as you begin to use your inherited gifts you will have a balance and understanding that not many of us do have. My advice to you is go ahead here and begin your readings .

    I myself am clairvoyant and only read with cards until coming on this site. Now my gift has grown just like yours will and I do not need the tool of cards now.

    I do not see or speak with spirit as I'm not a medium like you are, I just have a feeling that this is just a start for you honey because you just may have your own TV show and become well known in a year or two. So let's proceed on your journey now and I will be honored if you will answer this question for me: What is my destiny state, one in which I will live for the rest of my life if possible?

    Should spirit have any other information I welcome it also.


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